Friday, March 26, 2010

Remember Free Men?

We struggle today with a very contentious citizenry.

The liberals have choose to label the conservative angst as rabble rousing and racist and rude and other talking points. On The White House face Book some go so far as accusing Conservatives as being a security risk. I guess we need to be shut up real quickly.

Others lament that such uneducated public trash can actually vote, and how horrible that is. More talking points accuse the republicans of being the party of no and obstructionists. The liberals propose they have tried to compromise and Republicans wont take their hand.

All of this contention ignores the basic issue.

Does health Care reform and other programs like Cap and trade and Card check change the fundamental character of the United States of America.

Does the majority of Citizens actually believe more socialism is the right future for the USA?

Are more entitlements really a sign of a charitable and caring society or an oppressive large government?

Can men really be free if government dictates 90% of their life and controls 90% of their wealth?

Conservatives believe that these new entitlements push our government over the line and will make it an oppressive and stifling burden to individual freedoms and exceptional ism.

It is nonsense to argue "Well you like Social Security don't you?" We are talking about degrees and how much individualism we are willing to endure. Because a masochist edures some minor cuts is no indication that he wants his head decapitated.

So does Obama's agenda take us away from the American definition of independence of free men?

Conservatives believe this is so. We believe it is an assault on our ideals and the premise this country was founded on.

We do not believe Socialism and Communism is a fertile ground for individual freedoms.

Obama wants to buy your freedom with promises he cant keep. The middle class will not be enriched, we will all wear the cloak of suppression and mediocrity, if we survive economically at all.

Remember Free Men

Who will teach the world
If stars and stripes are furled
From Sea to shiny Sea
After this transformation
Into A socialist nation
Of the ways men can be

Who will teach the world
How to be free

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Open Letter to the Supreme Court

It is time for us to address the essence of what our Constitution represents. it represents an attempt by newly freed men to limit the power of government and guarantee a free and unencumbered citizen.

The years have passed and our law makers and courts have ignore the basic ideals of our Constitution. Instead of honoring the individual freedoms there has been a constant conspiracy to grow government and encumber the citizens.

The Court has done the citizens a dis service. Instead of honoring the basic principles which we all understand to be self evident and from God the Court has searched for every word every punctuation and every opportunity to take away the freedoms and independence of the citizen.

We are now so perverted and polluted society that students riot about paying for their tuition. Do you protectors of our ideals celebrate a useless un empowered citizenry?

The courts sacred job was to uphold these self evident truths that men were created free and that freedom belonged to them. In truth the Court has become co conspirators in building a body of law that restricts, encumbers and limits individual freedoms.

The court has become individuals who search all experience for justification to accomplish their personal ideology rather than the spirit and needs of a free people.

The court has been a party to confiscating the citizens rights. Now is the time that will determine if our Constitution can survive in spirit.

The ideology that the common good somehow trumps individual rights is not compatible with our deepest beliefs as expressed by our founders.

The enemies of our Constitution espouse programs that raise the collective welfare above the individual freedoms. This argument may be persuasive to many but it does not support the tenets of our fore founders or the constitution which defines original rights as the ultimate responsibility of our constitution.

That truth is totally obvious to anyone who understands anything about the founding of this country. Regardless of a Judges definition of good he is bound to uphold those tenets. Individual freedoms as protected by our constitution are not limited in any way. Any powers not granted by the constitution do not belong to the federal government. Torturing every thought and word to circumvent the spirit of the constitution is not the courts sworn duty. The court has already betrayed the citizen by putting the common good above individual freedoms.


If we do less well as a society because our citizens are free, so be it. You are not guardians of the society you are guardians of the constitution which guarantees the citizens the most possible freedom.

He must rule for the individual freedoms even if he believes it results in a lesser good for the collective.

No where in our constitution does it speak of the most for the most citizens. It speaks about the sacred freedom of the individual.

It is those sacred individual freedoms that the courts should protect. There is no concept of the greater good that trumps that. Not in our free society. Maybe collective good is a good concept for other men, but not free men. In our free society the greater good is the responsibility of individuals educated and taught to be compassionate and responsible citizens.

You have sworn to uphold the constitution, please do so and quit searching for means to support a growing, oppressive and suppressive government.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How the progressive promise more and more AND M O R E

Of course they win they promise more people more stuff and lie about the cost.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Detroit Comes Full Circle

I have been ranting about Detroit for 2 years.
How the progressives Unions and Black Caucus
Have destroyed it and abandoned it

The progressives now have a solution
They will bulldoze 25% of Detroit communities down
and return it to nature

Praise be to God