Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The FUTURE Tea party in our culture.

Proposal to enable a home schooling program
this would be a franchise supported and enabled by a Tea Party group
to enable conservative teachers to establish a teaching opportunity in their community
all franchisees would be monitored, tested and upgraded
programs would start as 2-3 year programs
All would be interchangeable
Teachers would rotate every 2-3 years or children change classrooms.
Each franchisee would receive regional and national rewards for accomplishments
Legal, taxes and other professional assistance provided by Tea Party

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ah what a little Tea Party and freindly chat with POTUS might REVEAL


OBAMA: "We want a country where we are our brothers keeper where we are oue sisters keeper"

ME: Well your aunt was living in poverty Me. President what about that?

OBAMA: Did I say Aunt, look here on the teleprompter it dosnt say Aunt, see here, Brother Sister, no Aunt.

ME: Well they also say your half brother in Kenya lives in a hut and is very poor, they say you never helped keep him.

OBAMA: Well see here on teleprompter, it says COUNTRY it dosnt say two countries, two countries is different and half brothers I have no mention of halp brothers.

ME: Isnt that a little picayune Mr. President?

OBAMA: They didnt tell you I was a lawyer? That the facts and science I use was irrefutable. Most citizens cant keep up with me.

Now excuse me I have to go heal the earth and lower the oceans. For my brothers ans sisters here in America.


October 23, 2010
ME: Mr president the Economy car in the ditch, the one you talk about?

OBAMA: Yes the George Bush crash up? There is really a car?

ME: Yes it was an electric model saved carbon feet.

OBAMA: Well good for old George.

ME: We found out why it crashed.

OBAMA: WELL WE KNOW, George didnt drive good.

ME: No Sir, we opened the trunk and there were 10 million bad mortgages.Car didnt have enough horsepower to stay on hill.

Most of them were from Barney Franks and Chris Dodd's Fannie and Freddie which you supported fully.

OBAMA: There you go again, Barney explained that, when George told us to stop that we didnt trust his motivations, we guessed he was a racist.

ME: Why would you do that?

OBAMA: I dont know, we always do that, like this Arizona thing, and the Cambridge thing, and the bibble clinger thing, and the tea party thing...

Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 2:15am
I coined a new word today:

OBAMARAMADRAMA. noun, a ridiculous articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.
OBAMARAMADRAMA. Verb, act of a ridiculous articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.
OBAMARAMADRAMA. Adj, a type of articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.

"we need to vote in November before the Tea Partyers take away the womens right to vote, enslave all the minorities, and quit paying the union pensions.

"we need a civilian force as large and as well trained and as well funded as the United Sates Armed forces to protect 12 year old Latina girls in ice cream parlours"

"We cant quit now we got to keep goin to free the slaves, get woman suffage, and Hispanics Ice cream"

"I would necessarily triple your energy costs and send a lot of that money to Kenya"

"Once we stop all energy oil production in USA they will have to buy my electric cars"

"Well we will have to use fluorescent bulbs because I like that curlicue shape, and curlyque sounds like barbecue and I like barbecue too. Besides they are not made here and it helps me redistribute wealth"

"Did I tell you redistributing wealth helps everyone, Bill? Warren?"

"I will defend the USA from all enemies Foreign and Domestic just as I swore twice when I was sworn in as President and that includes Arizona"

"I want to be everyone's president...
Well, not the 60,000,000 who think I am a muslim.. not them
not the 20,000,000 who think I was born in Kenya .. not them
not the 75,000,000 who support the Tea party.. not them
not the 500,000 doctors who amputate.. not them
not the 4 million bankers.. not them
not ANY plumbers named Joe... not them
the rest
I want to be president of the rest
well maybe not 2,000,000 New York Islamophobics
I want to be president of the rest
well maybe not...
Oct 18 2010
The latest ObamaRamaDrama
Now let me understand this. Obama thinks the Tea Partiers are endorsing foreign powers to steal our democracy, even going so far as to say they are aligned with evil extra terrestrial forces from the dark empire. Lets suppose he is joking, as his party sinks because he is dragging them down with his communist dream from his fathers, that pictures a supreme jokester of questionable mental state. Lets suppose he is serious and sees mysterious dark forces in the faces of his fellow citizens, that speaks of a dark paranoia looking very much like a manic depressive bi-polar mental state of extraordinary danger to us

Obama says 70% of the citizens are not thinking straight because they are afraid of the Dark Force of the empire striking back. I fear for our presidents sanity. How do we get a mental evaluation?Whats the protocol
Oct 18 2010

ObamaRamaDrama (A fictitious reality where Obama writes the script and invents the characters)

OBAMA:These mysterious folks (USA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) are foreign agents (300,000 small businesses CONSERVATIVE CAPITALISTS)Stealing your democracy (Socialist Communism Of Obama) and if you would just listen for once (shut up ) I would make it perfectly clear (LIE) and you would accept it (BRAINWASH)


You are scared and have turned away from ObamaScience and are lost in the wilderness of Tea leaves and Mama Grizzlies, let me lead you to the light where resides the democratic socialist arms of big government.

And watch the oceans subside as I speak. I like doing that. Call me the Ocean Sub sider In Ch ief. Or OSOTUS. I like OSOTUS a lot. I think I'll appoint myself CZAR of OCEAN SUBSIDING. then I can be COS OSOTUS. If I'm a CSZAR I can wear a turban like Muslims and be IMAM COS OSUTUS. Ah see my science is paying off.

October 19 2010

OBAMA: Its obvious that Citizens are scared, science tells us people act irrationally when they are scared. Thats why they dont support me anymore. Irrational fear of the future.

ME: Mr: President the 33 miners in Chile acted very logically and rationally and they were terrified.

OBAMA: We dont use the words Terror, Terrified, Terrorize of terriful anymore. Its part of my Scientific strategy to solve the random act of violence that occasionally scares us.

ME: MR President what about the Chileans?

OBAMA: UH HMM, yes I was getting to that. People who consume Chile Peppers are exceptions to this sound science I am proposing.

ME: MR President what about 50,000 troops stormed the beaches on D DAY, didnt they act rationally when also fearful?

OBAMA: Yes UH Hmm well people clinging to guns are not really like the rest of us ... guns change their DNA, JUST LIKE THAT its like they are from outer space.

ME: Mr President you need to embellish you science, no?

OBAMA: Ok, Ill reveal the real evidence, its the tea they drink, especially the foreign tea, combined with fear it kills brain cells. They need to switch to Kool Aid and they will have no fear, yes Kool Aid is the answer... I promise it.
Punish your enemies and reward your friends