Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conservatives and Republicans, ACT NOW

Conservatives and Republicans, ACT NOW to save USA.

Obama needs to be challenged on these two points

If we are smart we will make two points of Obama's speech go viral, Nuclear plants and drilling, he said he would support those two items.

That should be what the republicans push now, he needs to be challenged immediately with very aggressive proposals.

to call Obama on this and submit aggressive proposals immediately with new oil leases securing 30-40% for citizens depending on price. Oil can be brought from off shore at $25 a barrel if companies made $25 a barrel it would be more that traditional and the rest should go to citizens.

Obama will not deliver because his progressives don't want USA to prosper, but this deceit can bury him further if we bring it up front and center for next two months.

If by chance we get this done the oil leases can help pay off our debt, we only get 8% on current leases and that's 8 billion a year.

I estimate if we produced the 70% oil we dont produce we could generate 250billion a year, more if oil goes to 200 a barrel again. The street price at 200 would be 1.3 trillion our leases should slide up to 50% at that price, 700billion a year!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just what do the Insurance companies have to do with Health Care costs?

Wheaten Franciscan Hospital, amazing complex serving small community

Obama said: "We can't keep kicking problems 10-15 years down the road for someone else to solve"

But you have to identify the problem and have a sane solution.

Our problem is Health Care is it is expensive, the only way to solve that is to have less health care or reduce the cost.

I was in Hospital for 2 days and the Hospital bill was $9000 and I forced them to send me home. What does that $9000 have to do with insurance companies? And if they kept me 4 days and it was $18,000 what does that have to do with insurance companies?

If insurance companies didn't exist it would still cost $9000 or $18,000.

This whole thing is a crazy lie.

Insurance companies do not make large profits.

Nor do they have much impact on the cost of health care.

What do you really think it cost the insurance company to process that $9000 bill? a $100 dollars? What if it was $18,000? Still $100 dollars. Who decides if you stay in the hospital 2 or 4 days? The hospital and doctors basically OR you. Obviously the hospital might want the $18,000 rather than the $9,000. That is possible.


Hospitals do not make large profits. But they do spend a lot of money, fancy buildings and rooms full of equipment. It might be they are over invested in facilities and personnel, at least in Racine Wisconsin it appears that is the case.

The only way to make Health Care cheaper is to accept less services. Fewer private rooms etc. I went to have a blood test. Three gals were sitting at the reception desk. The waiting room was empty. The three gals had nothing to do. That probably added $100 to my test.


If the insurance companies were eliminated how much cheaper would health care be? 5%?

Insurance is a way to pay for the service, has very little to do with the cost.

Obama LIES, because you pay the insurance bill not the hospital so they want to rile you up and they don't mind lying to do it, you have no relationship with the hospital that they can attack, so they attack the innocent bystander, the insurance company.

If you pay $12,000 for insurance the insurance company made around $250-300 profit. Not exceptional. And it hasn't gone up over the last 10 years in real value, it barely matches inflation. In fact it probably has gone up 1/4 of what your real estate taxes have gone up. The cost of your schools, and fire department et al. This is the huge deceit and you are stupid enough to buy it.

What they really want is to create 100 new agencies so they can add 100,000 of government employees and increase their power.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Prophet II

A young gal on face book said "There is no God".

I said: "God exists in the works and deeds that are done for and against him in his name, and the actions of his servants.

She said she appreciated the poetry in that but apparently wasn't impressed.

I said: "Ah yes there is that, the poetry, the mystical inspiration that seems to circumvent the inexhaustible march of DNA from chimpanzee to man.

The more I thought of it the more I was impressed with my responses. Yes the history of the world is the deeds of what Gods servants have done in his name. The existence of God is manifested in our deeds on his behalf.

If God exists nowhere else he exists in our DNA. Al over the world our civilizations have acted in his name.

Innuit lore: Sedna, the goddess who resides below the Arctic Seaby Malaya

In order for you to understand Innuit lore, let me share a bit of history with you. The Innuits traditional religion teaches that the world is inhabited by different spirits and supernatural beings. Their world consists of sky and earth. The spirits are associated with natural form and forces. The sun and the moon are thought as brother and sister. They were once human,then eventually ran up to the sky.

The Innuit seemed to believe people got some how "Promoted" to Gods.

Blackfeet Religion

In ancient times the chief god of the Blackfeet their Creator was Na'pi (Old Man).

Lakota Sioux

In Native American mythology, Wakan Tanka (great mystery) is the supreme being and creator of the Lakota Sioux. Sometimes called Great Spirit, he is similar to the supreme beings found in the myths of many other North American peoples.

Hindus associate these three cosmic tasks with the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Aztec Gods
The current Top Ten:

2nd :
3rd :
4th :
5th :
6th :
7th :
8th :
9th :
10th :

Hawaii (ANCIENT)

Major Dieties
• Kane - the creator
• Ku - the architect and maker of war
• Lono - god of peace and prosperity, wind and rain
• Kanaloa - god of the ocean.

Ancient Egyptian Gods
by CTCWeb Editors

Ancient Egyptian Gods includes articles on 28 Egyptian gods. Each article includes a list of the symbols associated with a god or goddess,

Australian Gods
The current Top Ten:


I am the new prophet

Let me preface this with the statement that I am a relatively devout christian and this is a rant tryiny to explain that Christian beliefs have a sustaining value even if some of the specific beliefs seem outdated.

We haven't had a new prophet for 1400 years. Mohammad was from the 600's A.D. We really need a new prophet and I seem to fit the bill. Unlike Mohammad I haven't spoken to angels. Mohammad found himself in an era where the temples allowed worship of many God's and the trade roots where he grew up were pretty indulgent of everyone's beliefs. Mohammad saw the eventual logical sense of Christianity that their was one all powerful God. After all the concept of many God's competing for rule of the Universe was pretty ludicrous. It was apparent that more soon than later one of these God's would prevail. Mohammad picked the one true God and named himself the Prophet and relayed his discussions with Gabriel. That was a smart tactic. These are not my words, I am just an instrument of God. Mohammad did an amazing thing. With to force of his prophecies he martial ed the known world and created a brethren of pirates that to this day still extort homage from most of the world.

Mohammad took all of the aspects of Christianity he liked and then fashioned his extensions. He took his power from two thousand years of Judeo Christian history and presumed to write the next chapters to his likening.

I'm convinced Mohammad didnt talk to angels.

I guess that puts me on someone's hit list, oh well martyrdom is a long honored tradition for prophets. That will probably cement my position as a prophet

What I am convinced of is that he had an epiphany, a mystical inspiration, these are in the DNA of man kind, they happen all the time. You might want to reference my article, Look At The Ways Of Man.

Look At The Ways Of Man That article lists a few moments of hubris where men have claimed to be prophets and led a group of people to destruction. The glorious thing about Jesus and Mohammad is they actually lead their minions to someplace where they prospered. Eventually.

Jesus's teachings were inspiring because in a time when their were elitest ruling class and the average citizen was oppressed, he spoke of how all men were equal in God's eyes. Well, he did eventually, as he discovered his message appealed to everyone he came up with the Big Tent policy.

Mohammad had a new Idea, he didn't preach about universal salvation and equality, he preached that Muslims were the chosen people and everyone else was insignificant in God's eyes. The equality thing was over. Now Mohammad made it easy for you to become a Muslim and hard to change your mind. You did better and lived longer being a Muslim so a lot of people became Muslims.

If you read "Look At The Ways Of Man" you will be reminded of Jamestown, Heaven Gate and other examples of prophets leading their peoples, often to destruction. I am sure these prophets had their EPIPHANIES as well. Those mystical flashes of clarity that come to prophets and sometimes Poets, Authors and Song Writers.

I have had such epiphanies assaulting me since November 2006 when I retired. I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. Again and again flashes occurred in my mind about modernizing religious beliefs came to me. I was born a Catholic and at first wanted my Catholic religion to devote all of it's intellectual resources to resolving its beliefs with the new scientific views and modern knowledge. It doesn't happen. Then the epiphany, IT WAS MY JOB.

I have come to you to explain to you a belief that all men will be able to believe for all time no matter how the science or other knowledge expands. See the tablet above? It has five commandments. These are the commandments that speak to social engineering. The other five are about your relationship with God. I have come to you to tell you that your relationship with God is your own business. You talk to him and work out your own arrangements. Your prayer schedule, your ritualistic worships your burial and sacrifices are between you and our God.

But I am here to tell you that these five commandments are inviolable. Your relationship with your fellow man is not open to interpretation. These five commandments are my religion. They surpass all questions and rise above all scientific questions. These are the rules that secure the most for the most men. These are the commandments that secure our government. These are the commandments that secure conservatism.

I am looking to name my religion. Is it significant the Number Five? "Dominium of Five" "Star Rule" "Brotherhood of Five" What say you?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to admit it You all elected a communist as president

Citizens, I know you have a hard time admitting it. But let's face it, Obama is eager to own anything he can. He has nationalized student loans to control who goes to school. His buddy Andy Stern chants the communist agenda "Workers of the world Unite" and his face glows when he says it.

ASK yourself would you elect Andy Stern as president?
Maybe you did. Close.

Here's Obama's problem, there are only (my estimate) 27,000,000 voting citizens that would actually vote for a communist. That leaves 110,000,000 that would not. As the citizens figure it out he loses.

Obama has surrounded himself with those 27,000,000 people. He probably dosnt even know any real rightwing conservatives..., arnt
any speaking out at Harvard or in Chicago,

Imagine his surprise when he
realizes His communists are outnumbered 4 to 1.Obama dosnt get it, He will respond ruthlessly and with a certain amount of anger. He will criticize more capitalists, the banks, insurancecompanies, now he can add oil companies we havnt insulted them lately.He will respond that way because he has been trained to believe the end justifies the means, that is the Marx and Maoist tradition.

He will push us until we are in the streets.

Fortunately for us, our military wont follow him into insanity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enough insults: Can you hear us now?

We all followed Scott Browns truck to victory, it was glorious, it was exhilarating, it was miraculous. Tonight the people have spoken. Horray Scott Brown. Celebration HERE:

Then Senator Webb from Virginia said this:

"In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated."

I emailed Senator Webb:

Dear Senator Webb

I appreciate your statement after Brown victory, but it is probably too late. The shameful actions of this president and your congress have sickened the Citizens.

I doubt if our government can redeem itself.

There are too many betrayals. Are the Democrats willing to admit that their reckless pushing of affordable housing and other ill conceived programs caused financial collapse or are you going to keep pretending you are mopping up a conservative mess.

The people are not convinced by these lies.

We only need to look at your progressive cities and states to see how badly you have governed.

It is probably too late to regain our respect, we will dismantle this whole government one piece at a time.

You have insulted us enough.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 12: from my book of reflections

During April 1999 I was in the middle of a few chapters on "man the programmable animal model" when Columbine occurred. This is a bit wordy but it is a preamble to my current thoughts about who we are and how we need to choose who we want to be. We are aghast at the liberals "programming" our children and "brainwashing" the uneducated minorities. We need to wake up and understand that this programming is needed, it was traditionally done by our churches and families. Now our schools have taken over this process and perverted it. We do need to program ourselves and we better do it by active choice and not some perversion from the left.

Chapter 12: Littleton Colorado and other examples of certainty.

I have mixed emotions. I see my fellow man exercising his amazing ability to modify his behavior, and adopt models of behavior that are extraordinarily perverse. I see his certainty. I see his dedication. I sorrow for the crystal clarity in their minds, yet often with an absent of honest and truthful observations. I know of the malleable and magnificent capability given to us to alter and reconstruct our behavior and beliefs. I see our total ignorance of this process and cannot understand our failure to understand and observe who we are.

So this factor of programmability, which is our greatest ability, may be the tool of our own destruction. The ultimate ability to be who ever we choose brings the ultimate responsibility of truth, honest and accurate observations. The tendency to transform what we believe into crystal true knowledge and to defend it unto death and destruction accompanies us into our futures.

My emotions are mixed, because certainly there is an ultimate truth that is worth defending and dying for, certainly our ability and tendency to rise up to this ultimate sacrifice establishes us as a unique and extraordinary experiment. Yet our scientific mind seems to fail us too often. Our commitments are spurious; does our intellect lag too far behind our other attributes?

Are we merely lacking the ultimate facts? As we build and construct who we are, as we build the model of our behavior, are we ignorant of the process? Are we truly ignorant? Do we understand during the process that we are choosing who we are? We are modifying and changing, sorting and revising the model. And who is establishing the criteria, and influencing the program? If we reject the models that mainstream society is presenting, who is there to argue with us? Who is there to intellectualize these choices for us? Who is partaking in this debate? Who is in charge of our civilization?

If the examples we are given are confusing, if the choices are not consistent and overwhelming and correctly intellectualized, how do we choose? If we have a myriad of choices the selection process becomes random and confused. If we have a society that tells us to figure it out for ourselves we are abrogating a million years of experimentation.

If I were the President of the United States, could I choose to understand the need to present a model of behavior that was true and honest, that withstood honest and accurate observations and helped to program our society and create a ripple of philosophy that advanced the model? If I understood the need for all of us to make choices, and these choices were made by imperfect intellectual beings who might need simple and irrefutable evidence, would I more clearly understand the harm in presenting confusing and unconvincing and inconsistent models? If I were a teacher could I enter into an intellectual debate that brought us all together within this effort to advance the model of belief and behavior so that it could withstand truthful and honest observation? Could I control the opportunity within the process for perverse and abhorrent examples? If I were a manager, could I exert influence, by example, of a correct intellectual process of arriving at good choices through honest and accurate observations?

As we view history, can we see that the honest and accurate beliefs of a Thomas Jefferson and a John Adams have rippled throughout our generations and established a concept of individual values that have overtaken hundreds of nations within our world? Can we celebrate our ability to be different, yet still offer sound and irrefutable examples that defy rejection by even the most critical and skeptical observation?

The actions of all of us contribute, within our realm of influence, to a model of behavior that spreads from us throughout all eternity. The parent begins an influence throughout generations, throughout the rest of eternity. The ultimate judgment is not in the balance of positive versus negative influences. The ultimate judgment must be in a sum total of the negative. I do not believe in a scale that balances good against bad and absolves us from responsibility for the bad examples we provide. I believe the negatives stand by themselves; it is not acceptable to rationalize confusing and mixed models and challenge our fellow man to difficult and confusing choices. Each of us needs to present a clear and irrefutable model of behavior that contributes significantly to the advancement of this experiment we are part of.

I need not delve into the details of Columbine High School, Littleton Colorado where a small group of teenagers adopted, what is to us an abhorrent choice. A model of behavior they chose from Adolph Hitler. Need I say that this man’s responsibilities for his actions are still accumulating? Need I point out that the eternal influence is evident here? Perhaps judgment is reserved until some ultimate final moment. You cannot underestimate the importance of every action you take; only time can ultimately bring that understanding. Time is the mediator of truth.

There is an individual choice here. I choose to help mankind achieve a noble status; I choose to participate, within my influence, in spreading a model of behavior that relates to some real and truthful honest observations.

We need an example that can stand the test of intellectual and scientific examination, weak and muddled models will fall in the face of the inexorable judgment of time. Time is the mediator of truth. The strongest models in our society, our religious beliefs, have failed us because they haven’t withstood the passage of time, they have presented us an imperfect model mired as a dogmatic doctrine, often pitting their influence against scientific models and weakening their truths by choosing a moment in our existence rather than defining themselves as the true philosophers who would understand models are to be advanced, examined and improved. Could we place the same importance on truth in our religious beliefs that we put on our other efforts, such as space exploration, astronomy and other models that continue to advance?

Would I be amiss in asking my mother Catholic Church to devote their huge intellectual resources to advancing our beliefs into future millenniums? Could we, in fact, understand that our knowledge of all things is incomplete, and that this experiment we are part of requires that all of our beliefs be reexamined and reborn. We seem to accept this challenge in other areas. We do not claim to understand the essence of life, of cell structure of animal organisms, of the universe. We accept our ignorance and profess a strong dedication to build the best model we can, and to observe and reflect honestly and truthfully in order to advance the model.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to stand up and openly refute the imperfect models of the past, inquisition, slavery, and war. Can we understand these were imperfect models of behavior, flawed by some instinctive process of confusion between what we believe and what is true? Our confusion of a belief with truth is prevalent. We should not dedicate our destinies to a model that exists in a brief moment of time, waiting only for more observations to improve it, or disprove it. Only at some ultimate moment when time ends will the model be final.

So if we embrace each other with knowledge of our imperfect understanding perhaps we can all accept some ultimate partnership in our ignorance? With mutual acceptance of our confusion, perhaps individual confusion will be less important, easier to understand. Our inherent need to reject confusion as too frustrating and to embrace some belief as true knowledge causes us to desperately cling to imperfect systems of behavior.

Can we ever understand that we are embarked on a process of defining who and what we are? This is the ultimate awesome experiment in the myriad experiments of nature. So as we ask who and what we are, is the answer not truly, who we will be. Time is the mediator of truth. Our mission is contributing to that process of who we will be, individually and as a species. Is that noble enough to inspire us? Some of us choose to believe that at some moment in time we will transform and become more God like. Isn’t that God like enough? We are in the process of creating a species, influencing the future of perhaps universes, of billions of us. Who will we be? Is that worthy of debate? Does it deserve some of our time, our education, and our effort?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The essential difference is...

The value of every individual. January 12 2010.

I awoke with the thought above, often there is this struggle for clarity, an inspired thought seems to be just beyond reach. You may have the figurative mental light which just cant quite be expressed. I jotted this down

"The essential difference is the value of every individual".

That was supposed to be enough to jar my thoughts back to some inspirational thought. Actually this time it seems to work.

The essential difference of WHAT is the value of every individual.
The difference of everything.

If we look at religions, the essential difference is the value of every individual.
If we look at political ideologies the essential difference is the value of every individual.
If you look at the corporate world the essential difference is the value of every individual.

Essentially it is how we value the individual that separates all philosophies. It isn't just what individual value is but whether it is uplifting and glorious and salutary.

Mao Tse Tung (estimated as high as 70,000,000 purged): Li Rui, Mao's personal secretary, goes further and claims he was dismissive of the suffering and death caused by his policies: "Mao's way of thinking and governing was terrifying. He put no value on human life. The deaths of others meant nothing to him.

Stalin ( as many as 20,000,000 purged): Stalin like Hitler, did not value human life. By this time in Soviet history, Stalin already had experience in committing mass murder and had his own well-developed system of concentration camps. Stalin would kill anyone for any reason. The slightest suspicion, real or imagined, was enough to make a person vanish without a trace inside the Soviet terror state he created.

Hitler (20,000,000 dead) knew that civilized men such as Schuschnigg, and those who followed, would readily compromise to prevent the loss of life. They would all learn too late that Hitler did not value life and that war was his ultimate goal.

Catholic Bishops:
Real freedom rests on the inviolability of every person as a child of God. The inherent value of human life, at every stage and in every circumstance, is not a sectarian issue any more than the Declaration of Independence is a sectarian creed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Obama lies, green jobs

Where are photovoltaic solar cells made?

Over 90% of worldwide photovoltaic (PV) solar panel production occurs outside the United States. In 2007, Japan was the world’s largest PV solar cell producer, manufacturing nearly 1 gigawatt (1,000 megawatts, MW) each year. China was the second larg...est PV producer, followed by Germany, Taiwan, and the U.S., in fifth place producing 266 MW, nearly one-quarter the amount produced by Japan and less than 10% of the world’s production.

the new lie about green jobs
Chinese cut deal to supply wind tubines

A Chinese wind-turbine company, with financing help from Beijing, has struck a deal to be the exclusive supplier to one of the largest wind-farm developments in the U.S., a sign of how Chinese firms are aggressively capitalizing on America's clean-energy push.

The 36,000-acre development in West Texas would receive $1.5 billion in financing through Export-Import Bank of China. Shenyang Power Group, a five-month-old alliance, would supply the project with 240 of its 2.5-megawatt wind turbines, among the biggest made in the world.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lets talk about flight 253

Obama and his crew have come out with the statement "It's a systemic failure"

Systemic refers to something that is spread throughout, system-wide, affecting a group or system such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole.

Now how true is that? The perpetrator was identified to the state department. AND a human error occurred here in not pulling his visa and or putting him on a no-fly list.

Apparently they were going to question him when the plane landed. So an error in judgment occurred here in not notifying the crew and having the perpetrator under surveillance or having plane diverted to nearest airport.

Why would we label it as a systemic failure when at least a large part was error in human execution and follow through and perhaps bad judgment? Well they get to blame the systemic failure on Bush. They cant blame human error or bad judgement on Bush. Of course they can only get away with the systemic failure charade if no one asks why not taking away his visa wasn't done, or why they were waiting for end of flight in Detroit when there are dozens of airports between coast and Detroit.

Then someone needs to ask if they did a system review in the year they were in charge. Was this the first time they reviewed the system?

With the lame press you don't get the questions asked so the White House can make nonsensical statements like "It was a systemic failure". Did any of you really know what they meant by that? No one's at fault it was a systemic failure.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why do we still call them Democrats?

Why do we still call them Democrats?

These are politicians so radical even socialist is a under statement. Maxine Waters said she would socialize the oil industry. Well there is no "socialization" of industry, what she meant was communism.

What the progressives fail to acknowledge is that their social engineering schemes and globalism is now fully exposed to the public.

They made their move one generation too soon. The generation that won the cold war will not embrace their communistic tenets. Now they will watch 100 years of lying scheming and infiltration into our institutions rolled back by an angry mob of unwashed federalists.

The problem with progressives is they decided they had to demoralize the country to win. So they have sacrificed the culture of minorities, educational standards, job opportunities destroyed by avarice Unions, respect for religion and other individual beliefs, respect for USA exceptional-ism. They needed to diminish the citizens love and respect for what was in-order to transform the country. They could never openly sell their beliefs, so it is done with deceit and manipulation. They dont explain to their welfare dominion that there will no longer be upward mobility that everyone will become frozen in place as individual wealth diminishes and the upper class evolves into a ruling class of professional politicians.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

California needs to save it's own behind

California needs to save it's own behind

California can start out by selling its tremendous known oil reserves

California needs to establish a new way of leasing its oil reserves. Deep see oil can be obtained for about $22 per barrel so leasing at royalties 100% over acquisition costs is an adequate profit. A additional corporate gain until start-up costs are covered could be negotiated. That would be $44 a barrel going to drillers. Leaving $35 plus for California and federal royalties.

Facilities in British waters alone. Such operating costs places production costs for one barrel of oil at $22 per barrel, which is nearly the highest in the world. These costs are rising rapidly.

The federal government estimates that California's coastal waters could hold 10.13 billion barrels of oil. That's almost the same amount believed to lie beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which the Bush administration has pushed hard to open to exploration.

10.13 billion barrels times $35 is $354 billion dollars. Over 20 years that rounds out to $18 billion a year for California. Plenty enough to get California healthy.

"You know, I want to add though, to this idea of drill, drill, drill," Moore said. "Jane, I really think the only way out of this crisis is for Californians to realize if they want to raise the revenues to pay for all these social programs, they got $8 billion of revenues they can tap by developing their own resources right offshore. And, at some point liberals are going to have to decide in California - do they want all these social programs or are they not going to drill to get the money to pay for them."

I think there should be a whole lot more than $8billion. If need be, start a state owned oil project, Brazil and others do ok and hire out what expertise they need.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

IS Chaney way off base saying Obama is pretending to be at war

IS Chaney way off base saying Obama is pretending to be at war?

I propose there is no distinction there as Obama is pretending all aspects of his life. Mostly he is pretending to be the president. The president of the United States wouldn't insult over 50% of the population by calling them liars and deceitful. So he must also be pretending to be the president. When he pretends to be a Health Care expert he sends Grandma home with a pill and accuses doctors of unethical operations. When he pretends to be a financial expert he states United Health Care makes enormous profits. When he pretends to want energy independence he says build more solar panels and windmills. When he pretends he wants fiscal restraint, well..., he pretends he wants fiscal restraint. There must be a name for such pretending, I'm pretending I don't know what it is.

Pathological Liar

A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is done to get one's way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

Monday, January 4, 2010

This administration is a valuable lesson for Patriots.

If we can survive, this administration is a valuable lesson for the masses. You need to pay attention. It can never be politics as usual. We look up surprised how many of our citizens are avowed socialists and communists. Our schools are immoral dens of perversion. Our culture is under attack. Our beliefs are ridiculed. Our leaders call us Evil, Selfish, Nazi and racists in the worse possible terms and on the steps of the capitol. Our president calls us "THEM" and liars.

We permit them to lie about causes of collapse ignoring such as Barney Franks / Cris Dodd/ Maxine Waters / Fannie / Freddie and somehow blame republican deregulation for he financial collapse.

The valuable part is we have seen the progressive movement unveiled and can now see the turbid anti-Americanism of it. We can see the ruthless meanness of their minions. We can see the control and dominance of mobbish Unions. We can see the insatiable appetites that hasten destruction of everything they touch, Detroit, California and all the progressive strongholds that would already be failed if they didnt grab 800billion and send it to their buddies.... See More

We now have a clear choice. Cling to our fore fathers and the constitution and vision they had or become another mediocre European style socialist country eventually destined for world governance and lack of sovereignty.