Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zinga bing a bing bing

Someday remind me to talk to you about the world inside Zinga Poker. Some go there to play poker. I go there to do that AND socialize. I have had hours of dicussions at a Zinga poker table. Preferably with lovely young ladies. But with all types. Someone needs to write a book about life inside Zinga poker.

The lites go down the air is full of smoke and coffee aroma, there are Islamic Radicals, Afghan Princesses, Beauty contest winners, Jokers, Zombies, Vampires, and conn men, players begging for chips. Addictive, challenging, a reality of its own.

Talking about koolaid.

A qorld worthy of a story to be told.

Dont be surprised if the person next to you isnt real. They may be a ZINGA personification. Perhaps an alter ego created to do illicit acts and devious actions, to find illusive romance, admiration, or recognition.

And yes, friendship.

I have thought about writing this story, but gentlemen dont kiss and tell. Perhaps I could invent certain personifications to disguise the players... It's a thought.

Personifications of personifications within layers of alternate realities.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You just have to understand the ANT DNA

What if everyone raised their arms and shouted "Follow me, I know the way"
What if no one raised their arms and shouted "Follow me, I know the way"

Obviously what we need is some people shouting "Follow me, I know the way"

What if some people raised their arms and shouted "Follow me, I know the way" and no one followed.

What happens is some people raise their arms and shout "Follow Me" and some people follow. Sometimes it is tens, sometimes thousands, sometimes millions.

Why is that?

We need to seriously consider the reality of the human condition. The Human DNA creates those who lead and those who follow. By design so we can be successful, a Darwinian observable aspect of Human Kind.

It happens in wolf packs, Horse herds and many other animal kingdoms. In the human species it is often without a physical struggle. We run primaries and elections and other non destructive methods to select leaders. Yet violence often accompanies the process, because it is inherent in the process of selecting leaders that violence might occur.

I find that in these discourses it is enough to try to make one small point at a time. It is very difficult to build a discourse that presents everything about everything.

The point I want to make is some people will follow. This doesn't require thinking it requires making choices. Choices can be made without thinking. Choices can be made that are not good for us. Choose whipped cream instead of broccoli. Whatever it is, it isn't required to be intellectual.

Then there are these terms, cognitive dissonance which is ignoring facts that question your beliefs. Then there is mass delusional behavior like committing suicide to join a comet to go to another world.

We have created labels for a human behavior, we have labeled it without addressing the truth.

Cognitive dissonance and delusional behavior is not a mental disorder, it is the natural order of human kind.

It is totally obvious that segments of the population act in lockstep about issues. We understand how ANTS commit to the collective based on DNA and chemical engineering. Many species use this commitment to the collective to succeed and achieve the Darwinian described survival.

We tend to think of man kind as some species outside the Darwinian blue print. You better rethink that. If you expect that the future will be decided by some intellectual exercise you better rethink that. It is more likely to be decided by who can lead the largest number of delusional citizens toward the Nirvana the guy raising his arms and shouting is convinced is some ultimate solution.

Can you change that?

I think not.

There is a scientific consensus and my opinions are unrefuted.
(Arms raised shouting, exit left)

as the scientific community joins my consensus

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Governing without consent is evil.

I was discussing with a friend who came for Easter Breakfast at my place

(For us Easter Breakfast lasts till 7:00 PM and goes from bacon and eggs to ham and Turkey sandwiches to Italian Pasta and sausage)

We had a discussion about evil and what it was.

Men believe in many various things, as I have often discussed.

Johnstown they shot representatives and news people and committed mass suicide of 900 members.

The Heavens Gate 60 committed suicide to follow a comet to salvation.

Jihadists die for their God.

Crusaders carried their religion to the heathens.

Hitler caused 40 million deaths.

Stalin probabluy another 40 million.

Mao up to 70 million.

Obama's cousin had 1500 Christians burned in churches.

Did any of these persons wake up each morning swearing to do the most evil so that their everlasting souls would burn in hell forever?

NO. Maybe no.

The true mystery of mans soul is that probably all of these men thought they were doing the right thing.

So evil isnt a universally understood concept, it is very relative.

My definition of evil is when one man seeks to impose his beliefs on me. It isnt about who is right it is about who is assuming the power to control others who are resistant to that control.

There is no moral principal that requires me to subject my beliefs to those of another man, emotionally, morally or politically no matter what his position or stature. In the USA we certified that in our constitution.

The evil in Barack Obama and the current crew of bandits running our government isn't in the essence of what they believe of the righteousness or mistaken ness. It is in using their power to force others to their will.

That is where the evil is.

The execution of power to force men to do your will is where the evil is. That's why our forefathers demanded our government rule with the consent of the citizens.

You can believe what you will, do what you will with consenting human beings, but forcing your will on others thru the use of power is where evil begins and ends.

Governing without consent is evil.

Even when the evil doers are stand up comics and are grinning big grins.

Or saluting.

Or singing hymns,

Or praying to their God.