Thursday, November 4, 2010

Face Book Lady Friends

I cant recollect exactly how this all started.  Now I have two Face Book albums and Face Book Album II of sketches of Face Book lady friends.  I know for a while it was fun when playing Zinga Poker to request a pretty photo be your buddy.  After a time I had a number of smashing photos of Lovely Indonesian and Filipina poker players.  I had always been a fan of Asian women and one of my first and most important friends (real life lover) was a Japanese beauty,  I had always had some artistic talent, and always tried to sketch my lady friends.  So I started to Sketch some of the Indonesian ladies and published on Red Bubble.  I got pretty good with a technique I perfected and a Chinese artiest Gal on Red Bubble commented on my collection of Asian women sketches.  I offered to sketch her, and she sent me a lovely photo which I sketched.
Red Bubble Artist
The concept of an album of Asian lady sketches was never an intentional objective, I was just randomly sketching my Poker Buddies.  What did happen is that to gain access to pictures of these ladies I needed to request Face Book friendship.  This opened up to me a broad tapestry of face Book that I hadn't originally understood.  The concept of fake profiles.  People began to identify some of my poker buddies as Andriana Lima and Megan Fox and others.  

Basic Info
Birthday:August 12, 1941

Looking For:Networking

Hometown:Chicago, Illinois
Political Views:Conservative
Religious Views:pro

BioDominic J. Melfi

Developed DesignLab2007

2007-1988 Promotions Unlimited Corporation,
IT Manager
1988 Installed Honeywell DPS6 and wrote all business software
Assembler, COBOL
1992 trained staff 5 programmers.
1993 Installed PC Network 250 PCs
Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Windows 2003, SQL Server
1994 Designed and implemented BB site

1988-1975 Data Force Incorporated,
Information Technology Consultant
Installed and programmed Honeywell DPS6 systems
Assembler, COBOL
Designed and programmed Doctor registry system
Oylmpia fields hospital.
Independent consulting.

1975-1969 Data Force Incorporated,
Service Bureau
Serviced various clients in Chicago area
Consulted on office procedures.
IBM 360 COBOL systems..

1969–1959 Continental Can Company Chicago Illinois
Supervised IBM data center
1965–1963 United States Army
Fort Wadsworth Staten Island NY
Supervised data center II Corps, 1st Army reserve center

High School
Some College

I am retired and have a lot of time, to play poker and to sketch.  So when I play poker I "buddy" many of the  gals I play with, then I find them on Face Book and befriend them, which most of the time you need to do to get access to their photos.  It does have a slight tinge of stalking to it, and sometimes it feels a little embarrassing.  But a large percentage add me, I suppose they look at my profile and see my art and other entries and pass me for those reasons.

Many of my Poker Buddy lady friends are bad poker players and beg for chips all the time.  What I have found out more than once, is that my pretty friend was a fraud and actually a guy who trolled behind the pretty face to beg for chips.  A couple of times they got to like me so much they confessed on their own.  Eventually, I got a little smarter, I noticed how real individuals almost never took very many good photos with sharp focus.  I began to question when there were impeccably focused professional looking shots.

But still, it didnt matter too much to me, if there was a photo somewhere there was a women  behind it and sketching it was still ok.  One thing did bother me a lot, a few times you would find a very young girl posing behind a sexy photo, it dosnt take long to figure that out.  Some young gals have a face book clique of phony pictures and a phony network of  friends.  I worry about them a little.  Now I always try to ascertain who is real and not.  You can see a pattern in their friends and likes.  I have a few young friends and try to be a  positive influence.

So I still have a few mysterious friends who I haven't Identified, some who love me dearly for a few poker chips.

But during this time I have made a number of  friends.  It is a phenomenon that couldn't happen any other way except on a social network.  I am 69 years old, and in reality 20-40 year old ladies wouldnt associate with me.  There just isn't anyway to make that connection.  Even if you met, the initial barriers would prevent developing any extended social intermingling.

I have 20 year old Indonesian friends who call me Uncle, Filipinas call me Lolo (grandfather).  Islam Muslim ladies I would never think of having as friends.

I had two friends from Afghanistan, one male one female (I think) when I asked them anything about Afghanistan they told me they done discuss it on the internet.  That was a solemn moment for me, In the USA such guarded thinking is reserved for bank robbers,  I called her My Afghan princess and she called me Hero. 

My first sketch wasnt an Asian lady, it was this young gal

I never befriended her or talked to her, she is so young that I felt it would not be appropriate, but she was so lovely I had to sketch her, she is a poker buddy, and when I see her down in chips I send her a few.  Others do too, I have seen that.  Maybe she isnt real.  I hate to think that.  But somewhere this angelic girls exists.  Often I wonder if she is as good inside as outside.  I pray that is so.  She is Scandinavian VIKING.

I am not going to get too specific about my lady friends but in general terms I will relate my experiences..  In a few cases I have captured segments of chat and may include those where appropriate.

to be continued

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way,

The White House:
 Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way,

    • Dominic J. Melfi 
      Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way, the black leaders have corrupted your families, your churches and your very children, they dont educate you, dont train you, take trillions from the treasury and havnt helped you, now we tear down public housing, fill prisons with blacks, watch you murder and abuse each other perhaps it is time to make them earn your vote?

      Obama lives very well, as does Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and your other leaders, are they truly helping you? You need to vote for people who want you to have school vouchers so your children can go to schools that will teach them not imprison them. You need churches to preach love not hate, hate is double edged, black on black crime will not be solved by preaching hate.

      It all starts in the schools, they trap you there, the Republicans want to break that cycle with vouchers, first thing Obama did was enroll his girls in private schools, second was to stop school vouchers in Washington DC. A TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM.

      Think through this, 10 trillion spent on welfare programs and you have 25% unemployment. They are not helping you.

      Challenge the conservatives to help make this right, start it now in 2010. Speak up, we will honor your vote. Let us know you want things to change, it has been 60 years of Democrats failing you. We will count your votes.

      11 minutes ago · 

    • Dominic J. Melfi Imagine what might happen if the conservatives saw African Americans even 10% willing to try a new approach, I would believe you would have a good partner, conservative people are the doers and the makers, they can get things done.
      6 minutes ago · 

    • Dominic J. Melfi Now the liberals want to legalize drugs, it may stop some crime, but what will it do to your failing communities? Will generations of doped up inner city children prosper? Figure it out!!! Liberals are not your friends.
      about a minute ago · 

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Darwinian Model Dumbing down citizens

Dumbing down citizens by destroying their education is a symptom of the collective salvation Obama talks about.

    • Dominic J. Melfi 
      For 200 years people came to the USA for opportunity
      they expected to work hard and prosper
      The progressives have fashioned a new USA
      Now people come here for free stuff
      And Obama is sweetening the pot

      Obama's USA has no opportunity
      or exceptional ism
      it has a flat line of social justice
      work hard is your retribution for your sins
      and redistribution for you collective salvation
      is your religion.

      Why do these people do this, believe these things?
      Its the Darwinian model
      Nature tries everything to see what survives
      Collectivism is a reoccurring theme
      The ANT, BEE DNA
      What happens in a collective
      is the masses are dumbed down so
      a few MASTER ants and BEES control everything


      Evidence is that is true, amazing isnt it?


      Obama and his cohorts in Chicago funneled 100 million dollars to their cronnies in a educational fiasco from donations from the Annenberg foundation. After 100 million between Obama and his partners no significant improvement in ANY CHICAGO SCHOOL.

      They gave all the money to partnership organizations.
      Some run by Bill Ayers.

      No evidence these progressives want to educate anyone.

      An August 2003 final technical report of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project by the Consortium on Chicago School Research said that while "student achievement improved across Annenberg Challenge schools as it did across the Chicago Public School system as a whole, results suggest that among the schools it supported, the Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence."[59] "Breakthrough Schools," which received special financial and professional support from the Challenge between 1999-2001, a time during which the Challenge began withdrawing funds from other schools, "began to develop in ways that distinguished them from other Annenberg schools and sustained or strengthened aspects of teacher professional community school leadership, and relational trust while other Annenberg schools did not."[59]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The FUTURE Tea party in our culture.

Proposal to enable a home schooling program
this would be a franchise supported and enabled by a Tea Party group
to enable conservative teachers to establish a teaching opportunity in their community
all franchisees would be monitored, tested and upgraded
programs would start as 2-3 year programs
All would be interchangeable
Teachers would rotate every 2-3 years or children change classrooms.
Each franchisee would receive regional and national rewards for accomplishments
Legal, taxes and other professional assistance provided by Tea Party

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ah what a little Tea Party and freindly chat with POTUS might REVEAL


OBAMA: "We want a country where we are our brothers keeper where we are oue sisters keeper"

ME: Well your aunt was living in poverty Me. President what about that?

OBAMA: Did I say Aunt, look here on the teleprompter it dosnt say Aunt, see here, Brother Sister, no Aunt.

ME: Well they also say your half brother in Kenya lives in a hut and is very poor, they say you never helped keep him.

OBAMA: Well see here on teleprompter, it says COUNTRY it dosnt say two countries, two countries is different and half brothers I have no mention of halp brothers.

ME: Isnt that a little picayune Mr. President?

OBAMA: They didnt tell you I was a lawyer? That the facts and science I use was irrefutable. Most citizens cant keep up with me.

Now excuse me I have to go heal the earth and lower the oceans. For my brothers ans sisters here in America.


October 23, 2010
ME: Mr president the Economy car in the ditch, the one you talk about?

OBAMA: Yes the George Bush crash up? There is really a car?

ME: Yes it was an electric model saved carbon feet.

OBAMA: Well good for old George.

ME: We found out why it crashed.

OBAMA: WELL WE KNOW, George didnt drive good.

ME: No Sir, we opened the trunk and there were 10 million bad mortgages.Car didnt have enough horsepower to stay on hill.

Most of them were from Barney Franks and Chris Dodd's Fannie and Freddie which you supported fully.

OBAMA: There you go again, Barney explained that, when George told us to stop that we didnt trust his motivations, we guessed he was a racist.

ME: Why would you do that?

OBAMA: I dont know, we always do that, like this Arizona thing, and the Cambridge thing, and the bibble clinger thing, and the tea party thing...

Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 2:15am
I coined a new word today:

OBAMARAMADRAMA. noun, a ridiculous articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.
OBAMARAMADRAMA. Verb, act of a ridiculous articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.
OBAMARAMADRAMA. Adj, a type of articulation of no logical merit used to incense the citizens into some abnormal crazed state.

"we need to vote in November before the Tea Partyers take away the womens right to vote, enslave all the minorities, and quit paying the union pensions.

"we need a civilian force as large and as well trained and as well funded as the United Sates Armed forces to protect 12 year old Latina girls in ice cream parlours"

"We cant quit now we got to keep goin to free the slaves, get woman suffage, and Hispanics Ice cream"

"I would necessarily triple your energy costs and send a lot of that money to Kenya"

"Once we stop all energy oil production in USA they will have to buy my electric cars"

"Well we will have to use fluorescent bulbs because I like that curlicue shape, and curlyque sounds like barbecue and I like barbecue too. Besides they are not made here and it helps me redistribute wealth"

"Did I tell you redistributing wealth helps everyone, Bill? Warren?"

"I will defend the USA from all enemies Foreign and Domestic just as I swore twice when I was sworn in as President and that includes Arizona"

"I want to be everyone's president...
Well, not the 60,000,000 who think I am a muslim.. not them
not the 20,000,000 who think I was born in Kenya .. not them
not the 75,000,000 who support the Tea party.. not them
not the 500,000 doctors who amputate.. not them
not the 4 million bankers.. not them
not ANY plumbers named Joe... not them
the rest
I want to be president of the rest
well maybe not 2,000,000 New York Islamophobics
I want to be president of the rest
well maybe not...
Oct 18 2010
The latest ObamaRamaDrama
Now let me understand this. Obama thinks the Tea Partiers are endorsing foreign powers to steal our democracy, even going so far as to say they are aligned with evil extra terrestrial forces from the dark empire. Lets suppose he is joking, as his party sinks because he is dragging them down with his communist dream from his fathers, that pictures a supreme jokester of questionable mental state. Lets suppose he is serious and sees mysterious dark forces in the faces of his fellow citizens, that speaks of a dark paranoia looking very much like a manic depressive bi-polar mental state of extraordinary danger to us

Obama says 70% of the citizens are not thinking straight because they are afraid of the Dark Force of the empire striking back. I fear for our presidents sanity. How do we get a mental evaluation?Whats the protocol
Oct 18 2010

ObamaRamaDrama (A fictitious reality where Obama writes the script and invents the characters)

OBAMA:These mysterious folks (USA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) are foreign agents (300,000 small businesses CONSERVATIVE CAPITALISTS)Stealing your democracy (Socialist Communism Of Obama) and if you would just listen for once (shut up ) I would make it perfectly clear (LIE) and you would accept it (BRAINWASH)


You are scared and have turned away from ObamaScience and are lost in the wilderness of Tea leaves and Mama Grizzlies, let me lead you to the light where resides the democratic socialist arms of big government.

And watch the oceans subside as I speak. I like doing that. Call me the Ocean Sub sider In Ch ief. Or OSOTUS. I like OSOTUS a lot. I think I'll appoint myself CZAR of OCEAN SUBSIDING. then I can be COS OSOTUS. If I'm a CSZAR I can wear a turban like Muslims and be IMAM COS OSUTUS. Ah see my science is paying off.

October 19 2010

OBAMA: Its obvious that Citizens are scared, science tells us people act irrationally when they are scared. Thats why they dont support me anymore. Irrational fear of the future.

ME: Mr: President the 33 miners in Chile acted very logically and rationally and they were terrified.

OBAMA: We dont use the words Terror, Terrified, Terrorize of terriful anymore. Its part of my Scientific strategy to solve the random act of violence that occasionally scares us.

ME: MR President what about the Chileans?

OBAMA: UH HMM, yes I was getting to that. People who consume Chile Peppers are exceptions to this sound science I am proposing.

ME: MR President what about 50,000 troops stormed the beaches on D DAY, didnt they act rationally when also fearful?

OBAMA: Yes UH Hmm well people clinging to guns are not really like the rest of us ... guns change their DNA, JUST LIKE THAT its like they are from outer space.

ME: Mr President you need to embellish you science, no?

OBAMA: Ok, Ill reveal the real evidence, its the tea they drink, especially the foreign tea, combined with fear it kills brain cells. They need to switch to Kool Aid and they will have no fear, yes Kool Aid is the answer... I promise it.
Punish your enemies and reward your friends

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How many lies can Obama and his progressives survive?

How many lies can Obama survive?

There are numerous stories outlining Obama's total unconcern for being honest with the citizens. So all the things of importance that Obama promised you. Keep Your Policy. Costs go down. Etc. Etc. Deficit neutral. ALL LIES. He looked you straight in the eye and lied to you.

This ability to lie with sincerity is a valuable attribute for a community organizer. Why would a community organizer care about the truth? They have no respect for the masses they organize. They are just faceless voters. There is no humanity to this exercise. The only serious part of the relationship between the organizer and the community is the organizer has been educated to know what sound bytes make you applaud, cry, angry. They know what buttons to push.

After 30 years of community organizing for example, by Obama in Chicago, what has changed? Are people better educated? Do minorities have stronger families? Is there less crime?

Sorry nothing Changes.

Of course Obama is richer as is Jesse Jackson, Unions are stronger, Taxes are higher. Sales taxes at 10.25% so the poor doesn't escape tax and spend either. AND OF COURSE THE MACHINE THRIVES. More Democrat votes. That's what they have accomplished. A Mayor Daley KINGDOM, where they share the pie with their supporters.

So how many lies can Obama tell you?

The answer is scary.

It is almost unlimited. They have lied Detroit into absolute 3rd world poverty, Chicago is following that model. They have destroyed the African American. There is no African American Education, Family or Moral ethical standard.

They have corrupted every African American institution including their churches to the point that the ONLY OBJECTIVE IS TO GET THEM TO VOTE.

If we write history accurately it will be a story of Politicians, Unions and Black Caucus conspiring with tax payoffs to build a power base in inner cities by exploiting the citizens, intentionally under educating them, withholding the truth from them, and teaching them about a USA of despair where they have no chance of success.

They need to bind them together tightly geographically in order to have large voting blocks. Public housing and other "COMMUNITY" entitlements accomplished that. NO PROGRESSIVE POLICIES truly were targeted at a dispersement of the black populations. When banks said there were neighborhoods they didn't want to invest in, instead of encouraging African Americans to build better communities they forced banks to help them hold the population in place.

There is no way to support the end result of any Progressive social meddling. So you have a choice between INCOMPETENCE and DECEPTION.

I expect deception, with every entitlement aimed at political power with citizens REAL needs way down the list of priorities.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Barrack Hussein Obama's bullying of Tea Party falls short

Come on Obama you got no game left!!
So Obama wants to isolate and ridicule and demonize the Tea Party
Saul ALinsky style tactics always works for Obama
Community organizer lies wont work
And raised this country to unheard of prosperity
now have time on their hands
and will beat the communists
a second time
and your little playground juvenile academic games
wont mean a thing to us
we come from the REAL world
and reject your alternate reality of LIES
We made it ok in the free enterprise system
we liked it
250 million of us

your 20 million discontents and revolutionaries
grown in demonic broth in traitorous universities
by communists professors
producing the ultimate progressive drone
Barrack Hussein Obama
have failed

The transformation is OVER!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost Opportunities

Dwell on it for a moment
If Obama had loved us
If he loved the USA
If he had a dream we could believe in
If he respected the Founding Fathers
If he honored our constitution
If he respected our traditions
If he recognized the sacrifices our citizens
have made to give everyone equality in our country
If he understood the men who made this country
Grizzled farmers in Wisconsin
Weathered ranchers in Texas
Bold Oil men in Oklahoma
Fishermen in Bering Sea
If he understood and loved USA
think of what a presidency that would have been
He has sold his chance to be the greatest man in history
for a pat on the back from Andy Stern
For a crude comic routine or two
To pay off his radical friends
To further an Ideology abhorrent to 75% of the Citizens
Just think of what Obama threw away
He who recognizes all of our flaws and dwells on them
He who laughs at Jesus Christ sermon on the mount
He who ridicules our constitution as FLAWED
He who thinks the sordid streets of his
Progressive Chicago inner city sums up the USA
Does he understand the opportunity he lost?
Escalating Violence in Chicago Erupts with A Bloody Father's Day Weekend
At Least 52 People Were Shot In a Wave of Violence in Chicago.

June 21, 2010
52 shootings fathers day 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1500 years of Islam

I'm confused: What religion is

MADE UP FACT: Muslims have burned more American flags than there are Kurans in the world.


Several decades after the event of Islam in Arabia, Muslim invaders galloped in new territories. They brutally destroyed great civilisations and of course libraries, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom of these culture. This early book-burning of primitive Muslims paved the way for 1400 years of darkness and backwardness in the Middle East.

Even though there are many Historical accounts of Islam burning down Library at Alexandria, the ancient worlds greatest library with perhaps 700,000 books and scrolls, Islam has spent 2 centuries rewriting history and denying it.

It is thought that Islam destruction of western libraries and scientests caused the dark ages...

The rewriting of history now gives Islam credit for preserving science through the dark ages...

Which Obama honors by telling NASA to go around the world praising the book burners...

Answer to who kills who:
Since 600AD:

Muslims have killed 120 million Africans
Muslims have killed 60 million Christians
Muslims have killed 80 million Hindus.
Muslims have killed 10 million Buddhists

Or there abouts.
For Example in Kenya 2008 they burned up to 3000 Christians in their churches with the Blessings of Odinga Obama's professed cousin.

I Dont worry about Muslims killing you Obama is on it. NASA will fix it.

So lately I sound Islamaphobic
I admit it
I do sound that way.

If a serious morbid fear of Islam beliefs and culture and their intentions for western civilization as a negative force is Islamaphobic then that is me.

It is true.

I pray to God as I know him that the world will not have a catastrophic religious war in the 22nd century.

But I fear it is so.

If you have any sense of what Amadinijan and his Muslim cult believes you might believe that a great war with Muslims is unavoidable. Thats what Amadinijan thinks.

Only Muslims themselves can combat Islamaphobia... and so far they are not very convincing.

Celebrating 9-11 3000 citizens deaths around the world isnt to reassuring. Indiscriminately killing each other in Irag and Afghanistan is not reassuring. Massacre of Christians in Kenya is not reassuring.
Swearing the destruction of Israel is not reassuring.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Recorded History AND Founding Fathers

Recorded history (sometimes called record history) is a part of human history that has been written down or recorded by the use of language. It starts in the 4th millennium BC, with the invention of writing.

That equates to 6000 years of recorded history. Obviously prior to inventing writing mankind also had complex social structures. So perhaps for as long as 10,000 years man had advanced social structures requiring regulation, customs and taboos. Then over 100,000 years mankind had loose affiliations such as family and tribal unions, hunting groups and territorial sovereignty.

So we can speculate what educated men in 1776 didnt know about government and governance that men in 2010 do know. Men in 2010 have witnessed 234 more years of history than men in 1776. So picking either threshold for comparison you have these results.

If the period is recorded history 1776 men knew of 6000 years while 2010 men saw 6234 or approximately 3.94% more history.

If the period is Advanced Civilization 1776 men could study 10,000 years while 2010 men can study 10,234 or approximately 2.34% more history.

If the period is Loose organization of mankind then 1776 men could study 100,000 years while 2010 men can study 100,234 or approximately .234% more history.

So what is the point?

What has happened in the last 234 years that would uniquely qualify a modern man over the founding fathers in world perspective?

World war? No, actually in terms of casualties and number of participants ancient Persian and others were very competitive. Records of 40,000 and more killed in single battles. They say Persians had up to 500,000 soldiers and Greeks had hundreds of ships.

Genicide? Historians say up to 80,000,000 Hindus were killed bu medieval Muslims.

Plague: Black plague wiped out 25-40% of population.

Economy: Boom and bust was well known, nations bankrupted with wars and other folly.

TAXES? Since Ancient Rome.

Slavery: Always part of man's history back to Ancient Sparta.

Religion: Religious strife accompanied mankind back before Ancient Egypt, Sun Gods and Pharaohs.

Trade? Tulips, Salt and Gold, whale oil, Tobacco, sugar and spices all transported across the globe.

Innovation and Invention? Printing press, Musket, Rockets and other innovations already pointed the way to technology.

The reality is that our founders had 98% of the history of the world within their view. They were well learned and philosophical men. One could argue that most people today do not have the world view of a Jefferson or Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin we know traveled to England and France at least.

The liberal/progressive argument that somehow their views are outdated, that there are new experiences that CHANGE EVERYTHING is difficult to support with any facts. Any arguments against our constitution and founding can not legitimately be based on new experiences for hundreds of more years. And the way mankind replays history over and over again maybe modern man will never gain better perceptions of good government then the men of 1776.


Anytime you hear the Constitution and the Ideas of Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Washington, Adams are out dated take pause. While it seems a safe statement as we watch technical advancements, it is in reality spurious. In 234 years the affairs of men haven't changed much, if at all.

Watch Progressives like Obama, they are in court every minute using every extension and interpretation of Constitutionality they can to accomplish their ideologies... but when constitutional provisions provide obstacles they criticize the constitution and berate it.