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One Theory is...Progressives will now attempt to take control of our economy in order to hide their failures.

Detroit Michigan

Progressives will now attempt to take control of our economy in order to hide their failures.

Lets be clear Obama, Pelosi, Reid, are communists by any definition you wish to use.

  • a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership
  • a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

They want government ownership and control of everything.
They have contempt for our founding concepts and constitution.
They are enemies of the majority of the USA citizens.
Their meanness is endemic to a communist movement.
The people they now control the most are the worse off in this country.
Their entitlement society has failed and the only way they can survive their failures
is to hide Detroit Michigan and California and other Strongholds that will fail SOON
is to make some dramatic changes that give them a means to control the wealth so
these failures can be subsidized by the rest of us.

This is a last ditch effort to salvage a failed governance philosophy.
Without a transformation the nation would have to face up to their failures
and they would be hat in hand begging the rest of us for help.


The progressives over the last 30 years have infiltrated our schools and now the abject failure of most of their schools can no longer be ignored. They have fallen into dismal disarray in most large cities where progressives rule. This mostly happens because of Union rule, most considerations go to pensions and Union benefits. Public employee Union benefits and retiree benefits are bankrupting communities. One of the items is health care entitlements, that is why this frenetic attempt to bury the problem in national legislature. It is a public Union bailout, without which these outlandish contracts would be exposed to the public. That is why vouchers CAN'T happen in the progressive world. Less money, Union layoffs, pension fund collapse and worse. The preoccupation with Unions have destroyed the work ethic and children are now educated to support the system not to have individual exceptional-ism. The inherent meanness and immorality of a communist doctrine has infiltrated our schools with immoral filth and unacceptable violence. Maybe the average teacher doesn't think of the MOVEMENT as communist, but their allegiance is to the Union not the school or the children.


Progressives have commandeered the black vote and cities with large black populations have been governed by them for 30 years. The cities in blue states have been governed by progressives for many years. One notable exception was NYC during Guilani years, which saw an upbeat in most of NYC metrics. These cities have built up public payrolls to the breaking point enriched their Unions , expanded entitlements and services to their voting base and Taxed citizens to the braking point. Cities like Chicago with sales tax at 10.5% have no where to go. Once you have an economic turn down they are handcuffed. They then start raising sin taxes and fees, but everything has an end. Citizens finally vote with their feet and leave the city.

Chicago demographics, for example:

The distribution of racial/ethnic groups within the three areas shifted during the decade as a result of these trends. Blacks (37%) were the largest group in Chicago in 2000, followed by whites (32%) and Hispanics (26%). The other group (largely Asian) and the new "two or more races" category represented much more modest proportions of the city population. Suburban Cook County remains nearly 68% white, despite a 10% decline in the 1990s. The outer suburbs are approximately 78% white.

These demographics guarantee you a high need for services and a progressive government forever. With the establishment in charge of schools and every other service the citizens will never wake up to the fact that the government is their real problem. That is until the government fails to supply the services it has promised. Chicago is close to that point. Detroit crossed that line years ago and their population is 50% of what it was in 1960s.

2000 Census Detroit

White 116,599 12.26%
Black or African American 775,772 81.55%

As a city that has been under bankruptcy watch for quite some time now, denizens of Detroit were hardly shocked when news broke that their once glorious city currently embroiled in fiscal crisis is on the cusp of becoming a city entrenched in a battle for jobs.

Official records show that the Motor City has an unemployment rate of a little less than 30%, but local officials have are toting a more gloomy figure, saying that the actual unemployment figure puts jobless rates around 50%!

So the progressive philosophies are very near to being exposed as total failures as governing tenets. Their only hope to avoid exacting scrutiny is to transform the country into a communist economy NOW. I have tried to discuss Detroit with liberals and they are in constant denial. They have no idea what Unions or Politics have to do with Detroit's failure.

Chicago is close behind. Chicago survives a little longer because they are more diversified than Detroit. Liberals won't claim any responsibility for Detroit's failure, even though companies without Union burdens are doing well. They point to Detroit not building good cars and modernizing, well Union work rules made that almost impossible. It wasn't just money, work rules permeate every decision. Adding modernization didn't mean you could eliminate workers. Chicago hasn't yet experienced a population decline like Detroit.

Harry C. Alford, The president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce told Fox that the Unions in Philadelphia were carpet bagging workers from 60 miles away to get jobs building a new stadium in Philadelphia, 50% of Philadelphia is black. Only 5-10% of the jobs are held by blacks. This is a project paid for by the city and the money leaves the city because the fat cat Union workers will no longer live in Philly and the city doesn't have the moxie or intelligence to demand city labor be used because the Unions control much of the politics. The politicians won't take on the Unions. So here is an example of how Unions help bleed cities of their wealth and practice an institutionalized racism. Philadelphia unemployment rate is 10% or more.


Progressive tax and spend and obvious anti business ideologies do not create prosperous communities. Actually they have taken prosperous communities and driven them to despair. There are now numerous communities some as California large economies, California if an independent state would have been the 10th largest economy in the world in 2007. Essentially without a huge tax burden on their citizens or a national bail out California is bankrupt. They have seen a recent vote with your feet exit from California which dilutes the tax base even further. In the last year California has lost 1 million citizens.

Progressives will now attempt to take control of our economy in order to hide their failures.

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