Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey where are the pundits?

Obama had his seven and one half hour expose on C-SPAN.

The pundits are debating who, where, and what.

There is some Why but not any real why.

Who won? Who lost?

You thought this was about health care?

Not at all, this was about fixing one of the most destructive issues of Obama's future campaigning. All of his lying and disrespect of the citizens. His "I'll do everything on CSPAN " promisses were going to come back and haunt him. He needed to fix that.

Well the real issue has never been brought up. Obama had a devastating issue in his future, it would probably start to bury him in 2010 but for sure would bury him in 2012.

The "I will do health care on C-Span" eight film clips and the embarrassing truth that it never happened as he promised. This made him look so ridiculous that he needed to fix it. He could hem and haw about all his other lies, twist and corn swoggle and flim flam. The CSPAN thing was a killer.

This seven and one half hour play gave him a DO OVER.

Now at least he has a response. First I said, and then I didnt, and now i did.

The remaining all evident lie on video are the two clips on ACORN.

One says he barely knew of ACORN and only partnered with the justice department in some standard boring litigation one remote time 13 years ago. The other clip shows him pledging eternal service and love for ACORN (2007) thanking them for a long association and being involved in all his politics.

That one will be hard to DO OVER?

Any ideas David, or Ralm?

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  1. There has been some speculation about who Obama admires, who he emulates, some say JFK others FDR, for me I nominate "Shaka Zulu". Be very careful. Read your history. H