Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way,

The White House:
 Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way,

    • Dominic J. Melfi 
      Perhaps today our Black brothers will begin to see the way, the black leaders have corrupted your families, your churches and your very children, they dont educate you, dont train you, take trillions from the treasury and havnt helped you, now we tear down public housing, fill prisons with blacks, watch you murder and abuse each other perhaps it is time to make them earn your vote?

      Obama lives very well, as does Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and your other leaders, are they truly helping you? You need to vote for people who want you to have school vouchers so your children can go to schools that will teach them not imprison them. You need churches to preach love not hate, hate is double edged, black on black crime will not be solved by preaching hate.

      It all starts in the schools, they trap you there, the Republicans want to break that cycle with vouchers, first thing Obama did was enroll his girls in private schools, second was to stop school vouchers in Washington DC. A TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM.

      Think through this, 10 trillion spent on welfare programs and you have 25% unemployment. They are not helping you.

      Challenge the conservatives to help make this right, start it now in 2010. Speak up, we will honor your vote. Let us know you want things to change, it has been 60 years of Democrats failing you. We will count your votes.

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    • Dominic J. Melfi Imagine what might happen if the conservatives saw African Americans even 10% willing to try a new approach, I would believe you would have a good partner, conservative people are the doers and the makers, they can get things done.
      6 minutes ago · 

    • Dominic J. Melfi Now the liberals want to legalize drugs, it may stop some crime, but what will it do to your failing communities? Will generations of doped up inner city children prosper? Figure it out!!! Liberals are not your friends.
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