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Another Look at the Psychology of Our Politics

Another Look at the Psychology of Our Politics
By: Dominic J. Melfi

"WE WIN, THEY LOSE." ` Sarah Palin

A plan for WE WIN

Earlier we discussed the Grouping aspect of our nature. This discussion uses the facts from that to make a further jump. The Demoralization of some 30 million Americans.

I am often bent to wonder about the vehemence and acidity in the rhetoric in our politics. At the leadership Level, Pelosi calls us Astroturfers, a perceived insult that indicates we are less than blue blooded honest Citizens.

Harry Reid says we are Evil Mongers. Obama stops his mopping to call us "THEM" and "THOSE WHO MADE THE MESS", like it was a pile of dog poop we dropped in front of HIM.

No mention of Barney Franks and Maxine Waters and Dodd who were the Architects of the financial crisis.

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector in the 1960's. He warned that our institutions were being infiltrated by communist's teachings with no opposing teaching of USA principles. He Says

Exposure to real information means nothing to these fully demoralized USA citizens. He mentions Jane Fonda as an example. He says there is no way to show them anything. He said MAYBE if they got a Soviet military boot up the back end they might see the light. Yuri says the elitist are thoroughly indoctrinated and propagandized. He says takes about 30 years to demoralize a country. In his sense demoralization means when you teach an individual to abandon the historical traditional beliefs of his country and accept the Lenin Marxists ideologies. Remember he was speaking around 1980 or so, so there is another 25 years of demoralization since then,

White House interim communications director Anita Dunn calling Mao Zedong one of her “favorite political philosophers.”

White House adviser Communist Van Jones said he would use the green movement to transform capitalism into something else.

Barack Hussein Obama, "redistributing wealth is a good thing"

Michelle Obama "First time in my life I've been proud of America"...Even tho her Husband was a US Senator

Yuri Bezmenov: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlpODYhnPEo

Our local Conservative Talk Show host Vicki McKenna admits she was brainwashed to be a communist in College, University of Wisconsin I believe. I'm not sure what epiphany saved her from the brink but she needed to "Clean herself up". She is 41 or so, same genre as Obama. We know Obama has written his chosen associates were communist professors.

Stay with me. The point is, the heartland and bible clutching gun clutching average Citizen hasn't had this brain washing demoralization take place. That's why we can still see the positives about USA and they can't. Certain numbers of Citizens are groupies and will follow the President and authority no matter what. A certain number of Citizens are so dependent on entitlements that they will follow the perceived purveyors of these handouts into the brink blindly. They define this country as the check in the mail.

WE CAN TOTALLY IGNORE THE LESS THAN 30MILLION voters who are demoralized, they are not worth our effort, Union workers, members minorities who are blindly following progressive leaders. IGNORE THEM. They can find us, we are not looking for them because they are brainwashed and we don't have time or resources to deprogram them.

The social programs that seniors are dependent on have stripped seniors of their savings and in many cases put them into a dependency on the state, as was the PLAN. For most of our lives we have paid in 17% into social security (8.5 employer and 8.5% worker FICA) then an additional 2.9% for medicare and 3% or more for workman's compensation at state levels and you are close to 25% paid into entitlement programs.

If I had control of that money I would probably have 2.5 Million Now.

Just think 25% of your lifetime earnings with a reasonable compounded return over 40+ years.

So for most middle class Senior Citizens we are not standing around with our hands out, we just want a reasonable return for these taxes and our cheating lying government cant do it. They have stolen our wealth in the name of their entitlements.

The progressives can not directly address these issues. They know there is some ultimate time that the government will own everything and they can get it right. Their current excuse is their plan isn't "complete".

There are probably about 2 million citizens driving the demoralization of USA. There are 15million union members who will follow the union bosses, mostly public employees. About 10 million adult minorities who will vote democratic almost automatically because they think the dems "look Out" for them.

That is 27 million that you cant touch or make any sense to.

131 million voters in 2008.

27 million Demoralized Citizens, they may not be socialist/communists but they are committed to the Unions or the entitlements or they are the Elitists like Obama who hate the USA, They are irrevocable groupies in the genre of Jonesville and Heavens Gate.

(Blog on joining groups)
http://people-press.org/report/?pageid=1516 (Stats on party affiliation)

These are polls not registrations

36% Democrat
23% Republican
40% Independent

Let me point out that in 2004 Republicans were 30%. I postulate that polls would be up for party in power and down for that out of power just because Citizens want to be with the winner. But these are the best numbers I can find so we will use them.

52.4 Million Independents (40% of 131) who swing to the most convincing argument each election.
30.1 Million republicans (who don't always vote republican)
47.1 Million Democrats (of which 23 million are totally demoralized)

When you look at Party affiliation you have a real problem with republicans winning elections, they need a real boost from Independents.

But if we look at stats from Ideology point of view

37% Conservative 48.5 Million
36% Moderate 47.1 Million
19% Liberal 24.9 Million (this is close to our estimate of 23 million demoralized Citizens)

When you look at Ideology you would suppose a conservative can easily win every election. Our mission should be clear. Define the Liberal Progressive candidates as RADICAL liberals, push that concept incessantly.

Define the Conservative candidate as a Strong conservative with a tinge of moderation. No compassionate conservative Bush wore that out. But a strong Constitutionalist who wants a good safety net for underprivileged, with a road out of welfare for each individual.

2) THE SECOND THING IS TO GET SENIOR CITIZENS TO VOTE FOR A CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE, Drive them to the polls, register them. We probably have 10 million seniors we can bring to the polls.

In case you doubt the demoralization of USA Citizens.

I just heard an interesting sound clip from KSM's Defense Counsel. The graduate of Harvard and the US AirForce Academy says, and I roughly quote:

"If these men have only a moment to stand up to the US Government's propaganda, I'll say 'its about time. It will be worth it' .... These men are not terrorists."

This is a USA citizen. So get it right, they are Demoralized and are not Patriots in any sense we understand it. They have a allegiance to a country that they VISUALIZE, not the USA we know and love,

Be True

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