Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama is the worse possible president

Obama is the worse possible president

1) He doubts USA right to lead the world, but not his

2) He is ashamed of our success, but not his own

3) He thinks the constitution is seriously flawed, but he took an oath to defend it

4) He believes in wealth redistribution. but not charitable donations which he would tax

5) He is to...tally confused about religion and faith, Says we are not a Christian nation, and are a large Islamic nation.

6) He doesn't love us, he calls us "THEM" and "THOSE PEOPLE"

7) He dosnt understand OR LIKE capitalism as he buys auto companies, cash for clunkers and other idiot moves.

8) He accuses "RICH" of not doing their share, yet Warren Buffet, George Soros and Bill Gates have $100 billion between them, he isn't asking for that money.

9) He isn't all that concerned with the truth

10) He has no internal convictions and waffles on almost everything including FOX news.

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