Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eric Holder is a questionable citizen

Bringing Terrorists to New York

1) Costs New Yorkers perhaps 100s of millions for security.
2) Puts New Yorkers at risk as targets.
3) Puts jurists and judges at risk for their whole lives from terrorists.
4) Puts convictions at risk, I don't see how they can even seat a jury.
5) Puts CIA at risk.
6) Puts national security confidentiality at risk.
7) Creates a painful circus for Jihadists to howl about for perhaps years.

Reasons that Eric Holder does this?

1) Run diversion for Obama, thinks all conservatives will get distracted and let up on fighting his programs.
2) Make USA look bad with this circus for 2 years or more.
3) Persecute Bush Administration for Soros and other commies.
2) Knows that after the Malik Hasan episode he can infuriate the USA conservatives this way.

Dont be distracted, while the New York trials are a disaster created by people who hate the USA, it wont change our world. STAY FOCUSED on this disastrous legislature programs geared toward socializing this country, promulgating powerful unions and tremendous bureaucracy.

Health Care alone favors unions and creates hundreds of new agencies.

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