Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama's strategy is to lie to the citizens

One of the ways Obama and Reid and others tell you to convince you that they can save you money on health care is to lie to you that the insurance co make a lot of money, they are 35th on list of profitable industries and make 2.2%.

The next lie is they tack on 30% overhead. The company that Obama complained had 90% of business in Alabama paid out 93% of premiums in health care payments and is a Blue-cross non-profit with the 2nd highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country.

Why would your president tell you such blatant lies?
Ask Him. But do your research these facts are easily substantiated.

I speculate they lie to you because the president has been taught by progressive pundits that socialist/communist revolutions are successful by lying to the public about corporate profits during hard times.

Obama lies constantly,

It is part of his political strategy to lie to the citizens.

As a thug in Chicago he gets away with it, he doesn't understand US.

I don't want to say my president lies,

I don't like that he does, but just here are two CLEAR instances,

He keeps repeating these lies even though AT LEAST BY THE SECOND time he has to know they are lies.

You cant distort the issues here OBAMA, Reid and Pelosi have agreed to lie about this and no media will bring him to task. The other big lie is that ins co turn down claims and Medicare doesn't.


1) DO HEALTH INSURANCE Co make a lot of money?
2) Do health insurance co add 30% overhead?
3) Medicare turns down more claims than ins co!!

Overhead at Medicare sometimes looks favorable compared to ins co, but medicare has a very high average payout per client compared to ins co because of the OLDER clients in medicare. Per client served ins co are better than Medicare.






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