Sunday, October 11, 2009

The problem is the republican/conservatives.

Every liberal program has a short term rush like a drug rush, cash for clunkers, public housing, food stamps et al. yet all fail in the long term. Not because I say so, because they fail. the same people who have already received billions perhaps ...trillions in susidies can still not survive on their own.

The problem is the republican/conservatives.

Rather than stimulating our programs we stand by and want to watch how capitalism works all by itself.

Well it doesn't. Not when you need to pull up the bottom 25% of your society. and you have to. otherwise the communists will infect them like a virus. they will never stop.

If, When the conservatives are back in power we need to shove capitalism down everyone's throat. We need tax free enterprise zones that will return investment and manufacturing to this country. Just think what would have happened if the trillion stimulus was spent on jobs power grids, ports, airports, infrastructure and reasonable stuff. Rather than endowments to produce Obama propaganda ART and other perverted nonsense.

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