Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservatives are citizens who want to choose their own toilet paper.

Conservatives are citizens who want to choose their own toilet paper.

How a communist president and his crew mis-calculated a presidency.

The Obama crew won an election because you had a disheartened conservative base. Even though the conservatives liked and respected Bush they still felt betrayed with too much spending and increasing debt. McCain seemed a worse choice than Bush. The myth that the Republican party needed a broader range of ideas and ideologies was wrong. McCain was the wrong candidate for conservatives. But I think he won primaries because the republican party was buying into some more centrist ideology.

We know the McCain presidency wasn't exciting the conservatives.

It is amazing that the country elected a man with no past. No college records, no medical records, no birth certificate and friends he didn't really know and a church where he never listened to the sermons and a record of inactivity and no evidence he did anything to help Chicago or Illinois be better.

But Obama got elected with his crew. Obama and his crew always have this acute awareness of who they are. Obama moved in a circle of corrupt politicians who lived large off graft and fraud with their partners like Rezco. Michelle had a plushy job paid for by Obama getting them Illinois grants.

The range of Obama's experiences are this.:

1)There are a group of people that you can manipulate. He preached at them and gave them orange shirts and they did what he trained them to do. These are the ones who now chant “Obama Obama where is the stash, I want my Obama money.”
2)There are a group of people who decide what the orange shirted people should do, these are corrupt politicians and elitist educators and legal enablers and their unions.
3)The corrupt politicians are vested with the responsibility to get money to buy orange shirts and and provide the Orange shirted enough sustenance that they can vote and get others to vote but not enough that they can leave their district and splinter the voting block.
4)The elitist educators are in charge of figuring out how to game the system and raise a new generation of communists and basically incompetent people who will need a lot of help and leadership in the future.
5)The legal enablers figure out how to take the elitists ideas and train the politicians to enact them into law.
6)The unions provide manpower and muscle when needed, and are part of a partnership where favoritism is exchanged for money.

Obama is unique in that he belongs to all three groups the politician group and the elitist educator group and the legal group. This gives him a status in the cabal of progressive worlds. However Obama thought he knew everything about what it takes, his Moa Tse Tung and Marxist training was working, the orange shirted population was falling in line and the lawyers and politicians were implementing the agenda.

This cabal gathers and drinks their vodka martinis and discusses their communist dreams late into the nights. They argue about the nuances between Moa Tse Tung and Lenin. They talk about rules of engagement and great worldly objectives. They talk about the sheepies who are the orange shirts and other proletariat that just do what they are told and have no ideas or exceptionalism. They are used to being in their classrooms and in the inner streets watching everyone nod when they use their intellectual “GIFTS”.

They constantly disparage THEM, the others who are conservative and represent the exact opposite of what they believe. They speak of conservatives in a vague and distracted way. First they don't really know many. There aren't many conservatives left in Chicago and Illinois politics and none in the educational system.

Obama's college career gave him no reason to understand conservatives or to believe they were anything but insignificant.

Obama campaigned across 57 states surrounded by the same cabal from Chicago he always associated with minus a terrorist or two and a Pastor or so. When he was in front of a crowd they were his chosen people, the orange shirted ones and the unions ones. They laughed at his jokes and cried a lot. It was all very emotional. Obama had no reason to believe the rest of the world was any different than the Chicago he knew.

Obama spoke of uniting, post partisan, post racial post post. That was when he still thought conservatism was an old concept, that it was outlived its purpose. He openly disparaged the constitution in open forum, public radio. Why? Because this is what he does EVERY NIGHT over vodka martinis with his educator and terrorist friends, and certainly his pastor.

Slowly as Obama started to execute his presidency and his radical programs, universal health care, cap and trade, card check, and others found wide spread resistance across the country he was incredulous. This was nonsense a few radicals from the right were blowing smoke up everyone's ass. They still believe that, him and all of his PHDs and educator friends are convinced the public dosnt understand, they are being lied to. If they knew the truth they would embrace the superior ideas of the progressives. He calls us THEM. Tell them to mop.

Obama never had a problem lying and fabricating on national TV. He had been doing it all his professional life to his students and the orange shirts. They just nodded and said AMEN AMEN. Now he couldn't make a point anymore. THEY refuted his lies and challenged his ideas. Progressives who don't get agreement keep telling you you aren't listening. They can't believe if you listened that their thoughts aren't so pristine and perfect that you could disagree with them. The problem with progressive thought is it is so radical it requires everyone agrees. Their ideologies place a lot of requirements on every individual in order to work. Like everyone has to work for the same compensation, drive the same car, set thermostat at same level and use the same toilet paper, wear orange shirts.

So Obama isn't everyone's president, he is president to the Some politicians, Orange shirts, Unions, Educators, and some attorneys, He isn't and can never be president to THEM And who are THEM?

Simply people who want to choose their own toilet paper..

Conservatives are by contrast pretty simple. You don't get to argue with them about too much, they don't have a million ideas about how you should run your one life, only one actually: "YOU SHOULD RUN YOUR OWN LIFE". Conservatives think that is what our founders meant. Life, Liberty, pursuit of happiness belongs to US, not the government. Nor do we want the government to define life, when it begins or ends. Nor do we want the government to define liberty, we think it means there is no definition of possibilities. We certainly don't want the government to define our happiness.

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