Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why does Obama picture himself with a mop, not a shovel or a bull dozer?

Hey why a mop Obama?

Mop he's busy mopping up "THEIR" mess, quite a choice of images.

Obama whats wrong with a SHOVEL or a BULLDOZER?

You know I'm bull dozing their mess while they WONT EVEN MOP.

Whats with the freaken mop?
Cant you postulate a more power...ful image than that?

just what is it with you?
Is the image of our President with a mop the first that comes to your MIND?
Why is that?

is the stupid un American citizens who listen to FOX non-news 5 or 9,
like 53 million of "Them." with shovels and bull dozers.

Well we don't do no mops Obama, we do shovels and bull dozers.We dont do communism either, its not a socialist mop its a communist mop.

Bull Dozers trump communist mops.

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