Monday, January 4, 2010

This administration is a valuable lesson for Patriots.

If we can survive, this administration is a valuable lesson for the masses. You need to pay attention. It can never be politics as usual. We look up surprised how many of our citizens are avowed socialists and communists. Our schools are immoral dens of perversion. Our culture is under attack. Our beliefs are ridiculed. Our leaders call us Evil, Selfish, Nazi and racists in the worse possible terms and on the steps of the capitol. Our president calls us "THEM" and liars.

We permit them to lie about causes of collapse ignoring such as Barney Franks / Cris Dodd/ Maxine Waters / Fannie / Freddie and somehow blame republican deregulation for he financial collapse.

The valuable part is we have seen the progressive movement unveiled and can now see the turbid anti-Americanism of it. We can see the ruthless meanness of their minions. We can see the control and dominance of mobbish Unions. We can see the insatiable appetites that hasten destruction of everything they touch, Detroit, California and all the progressive strongholds that would already be failed if they didnt grab 800billion and send it to their buddies.... See More

We now have a clear choice. Cling to our fore fathers and the constitution and vision they had or become another mediocre European style socialist country eventually destined for world governance and lack of sovereignty.

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