Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am the new prophet

Let me preface this with the statement that I am a relatively devout christian and this is a rant tryiny to explain that Christian beliefs have a sustaining value even if some of the specific beliefs seem outdated.

We haven't had a new prophet for 1400 years. Mohammad was from the 600's A.D. We really need a new prophet and I seem to fit the bill. Unlike Mohammad I haven't spoken to angels. Mohammad found himself in an era where the temples allowed worship of many God's and the trade roots where he grew up were pretty indulgent of everyone's beliefs. Mohammad saw the eventual logical sense of Christianity that their was one all powerful God. After all the concept of many God's competing for rule of the Universe was pretty ludicrous. It was apparent that more soon than later one of these God's would prevail. Mohammad picked the one true God and named himself the Prophet and relayed his discussions with Gabriel. That was a smart tactic. These are not my words, I am just an instrument of God. Mohammad did an amazing thing. With to force of his prophecies he martial ed the known world and created a brethren of pirates that to this day still extort homage from most of the world.

Mohammad took all of the aspects of Christianity he liked and then fashioned his extensions. He took his power from two thousand years of Judeo Christian history and presumed to write the next chapters to his likening.

I'm convinced Mohammad didnt talk to angels.

I guess that puts me on someone's hit list, oh well martyrdom is a long honored tradition for prophets. That will probably cement my position as a prophet

What I am convinced of is that he had an epiphany, a mystical inspiration, these are in the DNA of man kind, they happen all the time. You might want to reference my article, Look At The Ways Of Man.

Look At The Ways Of Man That article lists a few moments of hubris where men have claimed to be prophets and led a group of people to destruction. The glorious thing about Jesus and Mohammad is they actually lead their minions to someplace where they prospered. Eventually.

Jesus's teachings were inspiring because in a time when their were elitest ruling class and the average citizen was oppressed, he spoke of how all men were equal in God's eyes. Well, he did eventually, as he discovered his message appealed to everyone he came up with the Big Tent policy.

Mohammad had a new Idea, he didn't preach about universal salvation and equality, he preached that Muslims were the chosen people and everyone else was insignificant in God's eyes. The equality thing was over. Now Mohammad made it easy for you to become a Muslim and hard to change your mind. You did better and lived longer being a Muslim so a lot of people became Muslims.

If you read "Look At The Ways Of Man" you will be reminded of Jamestown, Heaven Gate and other examples of prophets leading their peoples, often to destruction. I am sure these prophets had their EPIPHANIES as well. Those mystical flashes of clarity that come to prophets and sometimes Poets, Authors and Song Writers.

I have had such epiphanies assaulting me since November 2006 when I retired. I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. Again and again flashes occurred in my mind about modernizing religious beliefs came to me. I was born a Catholic and at first wanted my Catholic religion to devote all of it's intellectual resources to resolving its beliefs with the new scientific views and modern knowledge. It doesn't happen. Then the epiphany, IT WAS MY JOB.

I have come to you to explain to you a belief that all men will be able to believe for all time no matter how the science or other knowledge expands. See the tablet above? It has five commandments. These are the commandments that speak to social engineering. The other five are about your relationship with God. I have come to you to tell you that your relationship with God is your own business. You talk to him and work out your own arrangements. Your prayer schedule, your ritualistic worships your burial and sacrifices are between you and our God.

But I am here to tell you that these five commandments are inviolable. Your relationship with your fellow man is not open to interpretation. These five commandments are my religion. They surpass all questions and rise above all scientific questions. These are the rules that secure the most for the most men. These are the commandments that secure our government. These are the commandments that secure conservatism.

I am looking to name my religion. Is it significant the Number Five? "Dominium of Five" "Star Rule" "Brotherhood of Five" What say you?

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