Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why do we still call them Democrats?

Why do we still call them Democrats?

These are politicians so radical even socialist is a under statement. Maxine Waters said she would socialize the oil industry. Well there is no "socialization" of industry, what she meant was communism.

What the progressives fail to acknowledge is that their social engineering schemes and globalism is now fully exposed to the public.

They made their move one generation too soon. The generation that won the cold war will not embrace their communistic tenets. Now they will watch 100 years of lying scheming and infiltration into our institutions rolled back by an angry mob of unwashed federalists.

The problem with progressives is they decided they had to demoralize the country to win. So they have sacrificed the culture of minorities, educational standards, job opportunities destroyed by avarice Unions, respect for religion and other individual beliefs, respect for USA exceptional-ism. They needed to diminish the citizens love and respect for what was in-order to transform the country. They could never openly sell their beliefs, so it is done with deceit and manipulation. They dont explain to their welfare dominion that there will no longer be upward mobility that everyone will become frozen in place as individual wealth diminishes and the upper class evolves into a ruling class of professional politicians.

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