Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to admit it You all elected a communist as president

Citizens, I know you have a hard time admitting it. But let's face it, Obama is eager to own anything he can. He has nationalized student loans to control who goes to school. His buddy Andy Stern chants the communist agenda "Workers of the world Unite" and his face glows when he says it.

ASK yourself would you elect Andy Stern as president?
Maybe you did. Close.

Here's Obama's problem, there are only (my estimate) 27,000,000 voting citizens that would actually vote for a communist. That leaves 110,000,000 that would not. As the citizens figure it out he loses.

Obama has surrounded himself with those 27,000,000 people. He probably dosnt even know any real rightwing conservatives..., arnt
any speaking out at Harvard or in Chicago,

Imagine his surprise when he
realizes His communists are outnumbered 4 to 1.Obama dosnt get it, He will respond ruthlessly and with a certain amount of anger. He will criticize more capitalists, the banks, insurancecompanies, now he can add oil companies we havnt insulted them lately.He will respond that way because he has been trained to believe the end justifies the means, that is the Marx and Maoist tradition.

He will push us until we are in the streets.

Fortunately for us, our military wont follow him into insanity.

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