Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conservatives and Republicans, ACT NOW

Conservatives and Republicans, ACT NOW to save USA.

Obama needs to be challenged on these two points

If we are smart we will make two points of Obama's speech go viral, Nuclear plants and drilling, he said he would support those two items.

That should be what the republicans push now, he needs to be challenged immediately with very aggressive proposals.

to call Obama on this and submit aggressive proposals immediately with new oil leases securing 30-40% for citizens depending on price. Oil can be brought from off shore at $25 a barrel if companies made $25 a barrel it would be more that traditional and the rest should go to citizens.

Obama will not deliver because his progressives don't want USA to prosper, but this deceit can bury him further if we bring it up front and center for next two months.

If by chance we get this done the oil leases can help pay off our debt, we only get 8% on current leases and that's 8 billion a year.

I estimate if we produced the 70% oil we dont produce we could generate 250billion a year, more if oil goes to 200 a barrel again. The street price at 200 would be 1.3 trillion our leases should slide up to 50% at that price, 700billion a year!!!!!

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