Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1500 years of Islam

I'm confused: What religion is

MADE UP FACT: Muslims have burned more American flags than there are Kurans in the world.


Several decades after the event of Islam in Arabia, Muslim invaders galloped in new territories. They brutally destroyed great civilisations and of course libraries, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom of these culture. This early book-burning of primitive Muslims paved the way for 1400 years of darkness and backwardness in the Middle East.

Even though there are many Historical accounts of Islam burning down Library at Alexandria, the ancient worlds greatest library with perhaps 700,000 books and scrolls, Islam has spent 2 centuries rewriting history and denying it.

It is thought that Islam destruction of western libraries and scientests caused the dark ages...

The rewriting of history now gives Islam credit for preserving science through the dark ages...

Which Obama honors by telling NASA to go around the world praising the book burners...

Answer to who kills who:
Since 600AD:

Muslims have killed 120 million Africans
Muslims have killed 60 million Christians
Muslims have killed 80 million Hindus.
Muslims have killed 10 million Buddhists

Or there abouts.
For Example in Kenya 2008 they burned up to 3000 Christians in their churches with the Blessings of Odinga Obama's professed cousin.

I Dont worry about Muslims killing you Obama is on it. NASA will fix it.

So lately I sound Islamaphobic
I admit it
I do sound that way.

If a serious morbid fear of Islam beliefs and culture and their intentions for western civilization as a negative force is Islamaphobic then that is me.

It is true.

I pray to God as I know him that the world will not have a catastrophic religious war in the 22nd century.

But I fear it is so.

If you have any sense of what Amadinijan and his Muslim cult believes you might believe that a great war with Muslims is unavoidable. Thats what Amadinijan thinks.

Only Muslims themselves can combat Islamaphobia... and so far they are not very convincing.

Celebrating 9-11 3000 citizens deaths around the world isnt to reassuring. Indiscriminately killing each other in Irag and Afghanistan is not reassuring. Massacre of Christians in Kenya is not reassuring.
Swearing the destruction of Israel is not reassuring.

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