Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost Opportunities

Dwell on it for a moment
If Obama had loved us
If he loved the USA
If he had a dream we could believe in
If he respected the Founding Fathers
If he honored our constitution
If he respected our traditions
If he recognized the sacrifices our citizens
have made to give everyone equality in our country
If he understood the men who made this country
Grizzled farmers in Wisconsin
Weathered ranchers in Texas
Bold Oil men in Oklahoma
Fishermen in Bering Sea
If he understood and loved USA
think of what a presidency that would have been
He has sold his chance to be the greatest man in history
for a pat on the back from Andy Stern
For a crude comic routine or two
To pay off his radical friends
To further an Ideology abhorrent to 75% of the Citizens
Just think of what Obama threw away
He who recognizes all of our flaws and dwells on them
He who laughs at Jesus Christ sermon on the mount
He who ridicules our constitution as FLAWED
He who thinks the sordid streets of his
Progressive Chicago inner city sums up the USA
Does he understand the opportunity he lost?
Escalating Violence in Chicago Erupts with A Bloody Father's Day Weekend
At Least 52 People Were Shot In a Wave of Violence in Chicago.

June 21, 2010
52 shootings fathers day 2010

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