Monday, September 6, 2010

Recorded History AND Founding Fathers

Recorded history (sometimes called record history) is a part of human history that has been written down or recorded by the use of language. It starts in the 4th millennium BC, with the invention of writing.

That equates to 6000 years of recorded history. Obviously prior to inventing writing mankind also had complex social structures. So perhaps for as long as 10,000 years man had advanced social structures requiring regulation, customs and taboos. Then over 100,000 years mankind had loose affiliations such as family and tribal unions, hunting groups and territorial sovereignty.

So we can speculate what educated men in 1776 didnt know about government and governance that men in 2010 do know. Men in 2010 have witnessed 234 more years of history than men in 1776. So picking either threshold for comparison you have these results.

If the period is recorded history 1776 men knew of 6000 years while 2010 men saw 6234 or approximately 3.94% more history.

If the period is Advanced Civilization 1776 men could study 10,000 years while 2010 men can study 10,234 or approximately 2.34% more history.

If the period is Loose organization of mankind then 1776 men could study 100,000 years while 2010 men can study 100,234 or approximately .234% more history.

So what is the point?

What has happened in the last 234 years that would uniquely qualify a modern man over the founding fathers in world perspective?

World war? No, actually in terms of casualties and number of participants ancient Persian and others were very competitive. Records of 40,000 and more killed in single battles. They say Persians had up to 500,000 soldiers and Greeks had hundreds of ships.

Genicide? Historians say up to 80,000,000 Hindus were killed bu medieval Muslims.

Plague: Black plague wiped out 25-40% of population.

Economy: Boom and bust was well known, nations bankrupted with wars and other folly.

TAXES? Since Ancient Rome.

Slavery: Always part of man's history back to Ancient Sparta.

Religion: Religious strife accompanied mankind back before Ancient Egypt, Sun Gods and Pharaohs.

Trade? Tulips, Salt and Gold, whale oil, Tobacco, sugar and spices all transported across the globe.

Innovation and Invention? Printing press, Musket, Rockets and other innovations already pointed the way to technology.

The reality is that our founders had 98% of the history of the world within their view. They were well learned and philosophical men. One could argue that most people today do not have the world view of a Jefferson or Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin we know traveled to England and France at least.

The liberal/progressive argument that somehow their views are outdated, that there are new experiences that CHANGE EVERYTHING is difficult to support with any facts. Any arguments against our constitution and founding can not legitimately be based on new experiences for hundreds of more years. And the way mankind replays history over and over again maybe modern man will never gain better perceptions of good government then the men of 1776.


Anytime you hear the Constitution and the Ideas of Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Washington, Adams are out dated take pause. While it seems a safe statement as we watch technical advancements, it is in reality spurious. In 234 years the affairs of men haven't changed much, if at all.

Watch Progressives like Obama, they are in court every minute using every extension and interpretation of Constitutionality they can to accomplish their ideologies... but when constitutional provisions provide obstacles they criticize the constitution and berate it.

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