Thursday, September 23, 2010

How many lies can Obama and his progressives survive?

How many lies can Obama survive?

There are numerous stories outlining Obama's total unconcern for being honest with the citizens. So all the things of importance that Obama promised you. Keep Your Policy. Costs go down. Etc. Etc. Deficit neutral. ALL LIES. He looked you straight in the eye and lied to you.

This ability to lie with sincerity is a valuable attribute for a community organizer. Why would a community organizer care about the truth? They have no respect for the masses they organize. They are just faceless voters. There is no humanity to this exercise. The only serious part of the relationship between the organizer and the community is the organizer has been educated to know what sound bytes make you applaud, cry, angry. They know what buttons to push.

After 30 years of community organizing for example, by Obama in Chicago, what has changed? Are people better educated? Do minorities have stronger families? Is there less crime?

Sorry nothing Changes.

Of course Obama is richer as is Jesse Jackson, Unions are stronger, Taxes are higher. Sales taxes at 10.25% so the poor doesn't escape tax and spend either. AND OF COURSE THE MACHINE THRIVES. More Democrat votes. That's what they have accomplished. A Mayor Daley KINGDOM, where they share the pie with their supporters.

So how many lies can Obama tell you?

The answer is scary.

It is almost unlimited. They have lied Detroit into absolute 3rd world poverty, Chicago is following that model. They have destroyed the African American. There is no African American Education, Family or Moral ethical standard.

They have corrupted every African American institution including their churches to the point that the ONLY OBJECTIVE IS TO GET THEM TO VOTE.

If we write history accurately it will be a story of Politicians, Unions and Black Caucus conspiring with tax payoffs to build a power base in inner cities by exploiting the citizens, intentionally under educating them, withholding the truth from them, and teaching them about a USA of despair where they have no chance of success.

They need to bind them together tightly geographically in order to have large voting blocks. Public housing and other "COMMUNITY" entitlements accomplished that. NO PROGRESSIVE POLICIES truly were targeted at a dispersement of the black populations. When banks said there were neighborhoods they didn't want to invest in, instead of encouraging African Americans to build better communities they forced banks to help them hold the population in place.

There is no way to support the end result of any Progressive social meddling. So you have a choice between INCOMPETENCE and DECEPTION.

I expect deception, with every entitlement aimed at political power with citizens REAL needs way down the list of priorities.

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