Sunday, August 9, 2009


Note that here is provided firm documentation that the 3 basic premises of Obama Care are false, probably out and out lies. This is why the public dosnt support Obama Care. Even if you can question this presentation, you cant question how it impacts the debate for the USA citizen. This isnt a smoke screen fabricated by talk radio. This is a real question of where these peoples heads and hearts really are.

Most of the arguments for health care reform are unwarranted. We do pay more. AND WE GET MORE. Reducing costs would be nice, but there is no evidence we will do that.

So why do libs want to run health care? It puts trillions of dollars thru their hands. It allows government to add thousands of employees to administer it. It will add these employees to union and voting rolls. AND CONTROL. they just seem to want to control everything. The American exceptionalism seems to infuriate them. I think there is ANT DNA in their heritage.

1...Lying about health insurers profits

Pelosi calls profits immoral, yet they are an industry wide 2.2%. Is she mistaken? No she knows the facts, what she IS is deranged and immoral herself. She is a typical lib, lying to us for our own good.

Obama probably knows better, but he is trained and ingrained to promote class warfare, it's in his DNA.

2...Lying about wanting a one payer system

There is no reason to believe Obama has changed from his adamant positions on supporting single payer system. Barney Franks has said this program is a step toward single payer. They feel they can trick the country into single payer, Barney says you cant sell a single payer system but you can cheat and lie to get it.

3...Lying about uninsured, not 50, and probably not 15 million are uninsured and need some assistance.


Unless you try hospital in Chicago where Michelle Obama's worked, they re-route emergency room users.

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