Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's make it clear

Remember the slogan, "it's about the economy stupid."
Well everyone it isnt about health care....

It's about Socialism, Stupid.
And that is what scares us.

Libs, Barney Franks, Pelosi, Obama want single payer health care. Not because they care about health care. They want the BIGGEST government they can get. The libs/progressives have traded in their belief of GOD for science, and their math seems to support the collective. If government owned everything they could distribute it "Fairly". Where fairly is what the elitists see as fair.

They see a overcrowded world with weak uneducated persons cluttering up the MOTHER EARTH. Don't worry about what you HEAR, worry about what these people say amongst themselves, Persons in Obama's cabinet believe that weeding out children up to the age of 2-5 is ok.

This isn't about health care PER SE, it's about how they can change this country into a socialist country, they believe they can do that by gaining just a little more leverage. Health care, union enhancement, editorial censorship.

Maybe we should be socialist, but it should happen during an open discussion, not a subversive slight of hand.

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