Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama just won't shut up - How embarassed are you?


It wasn't enough that he accused Doctors of removing tonsils for no reason except a fee, now he is accusing Doctors of cutting off the feet of Diabetics just for a $30,000 fee. THIS MAN IS A TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT. God bless us what have we done?

This is something that goes on in Reverend Wrights church not the office of the presidency.

I'm diabetic, I live in continuing awareness of amputation, if my Doctor ever recommends it, am I supposed to listen to him or Obama? This man is totally insane, he has no moral footing. AND NO CLASS.

Why does this man keep going off the deep end?

It's because our press gives him a free ride. Do this country a service and start questioning this drivel.

I ask the media "Do you really want to be a party to this?"

If they had nailed him on the tonsil comment he would have shut up. Now what, does this vomit continue for 4-8 years?

There are 10,000,000 diabetics who should be totally pissed off. Half of them are probably lib/dems so they wont have enough sense/.

The man who says he wont interfere with your doctor patient relationship is already trashing it. How many amputees are now wondering if he is right?


-------------------------------Added 12.24 Am August 13-----------------------------
August 12th was my birthday and I spent all day furious at Obama for his comments. I sent this article to everyone I could think of and posted it all over the Web.

I am diabetic and I was horribly emotionally impacted by the presidents comments. It is my 67th birthday, and every time I go to my primary care physician he urges me to do better with weight, diet and the dangers of infection, gangrene and amputation.

I tried to put my mind around this thing with the president, to somehow understand what kind of person we have as president, I have failed to find any redeeming qualities. I cannot believe he is speaking to the citizens of this country in this manner. He thinks he is in Chicago where anything goes as long as you pay off the teachers and the unions.

Every time he opens his mouth he twists reality and I just don't know how we will survive him and his crew. Why doesn't he produce a list of these doctors and prosecute them?

The things he says isn't appropriate for anyone to say, coming from our president it is embarrassing, tawdry and so low class it is unimaginable why he isn't told to just shut up. His nonsense is emboldening all his cronies like Franks and Pelosi to the point this total government is a parody.

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