Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Stark Reality of the DEATH PANELS


if you have single payer system the government is on the hook for all the health care bills. They will take your money and pay the health care providers. As they expand the rolls to more and more people who don't pay taxes, others will pay more. As more and more taxes are collected for health care it puts pressure on taxes for other purposes, like luxury jets for congress.

As the pressure on taxes and tax payers increase, ways to reduce the bills must be found. There is no way to cut disbursements to ACORN and other liberal necessities, so what can we do?

We start squeezing the Doctors and Hospitals. Over a period of time the system contracts with less doctors and closing shrinking hospitals. This creates a shortage of health care resources. Seeing as there is no private sector,doctors will move to countries where they can make money. AND patience who can afford it will leave or get their health services in a private system if any are left in the world.

When shortages occur rationing will occur, someone will not get the care we currently enjoy. Most likely the elderly but probably everyone as in Canada and Britain.


Public Option Starts with government setting doctors and hospital rates, medicare is already 20% less than private ensure rates, so private insurers are already subsidizing public medicare / medicaid. Now only poverty individuals (medicaid) and retiree's (medicare) are in public system. Once a public option is available to everyone, and if the government continues to squeeze payments or gets even worse, they will for a time be able to offer cheaper insurance premiums. Insurers are making 2% so they wont have very much leeway to match government rates. Any changes to plans causes you to be forced into public option. Eventually, and probably not too long... you will be forced into scenario #1.


I don't believe Obama or any of his crew are being honest, they want single payer. They probably don't want rationing, but all evidence with such systems is they become bankrupt, doctors leave, hospital close, equipment isn't purchased and care is rationed. Once care is rationed common sense says the burden falls on the elderly.

OH maybe Barney Franks is honest for ONCE, he says this PUBLIC OPTION is best way to get single payer.

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