Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who Is Obama going to be?

What do we mean by trash talking, here is a GOOD EXAMPLE
He dosnt SAY ANYTHING, but it sounds good and has a feel good feeling to it.


Let's say I am right and Obama is a well entrenched trash taking Chicago thug Community Organizing mob politician. Now he has seen a little more of the PEOPLE. Now he is well aware that the world in Chicago isn't Representative of the country. Maybe now he sees that Democratic governance by democrats in Detroit et al hasn't worked. Maybe he see that all of the special interest groups like ACORN and UNIONS arnt really making America better or wealthier or in the tradition of American exceptional ism. Maybe he can start to see the extraordinary freedom Americans enjoy and can see their individualism as they stand up and tell their PRESIDENT that they disagree with him.

Maybe he can see somestates like Texas and Montana and Louisiana doing some what better with their conservative philosophies.

And there is that gal with her shotgun or hunting bow who is just as rough and ready as our homesteading forefathers. These are americans of every stripe and flavor. Obviously campaign stints where you are idolized arnt really representative of America.

Maybe it's an America from Sea to shiny Sea that he didnt understand. Maybe the first six months has been a mistake as he succummed to Pelosi, Franks, Dodd and Reid. Anyone can see how shallow and mealy mouthed these people are AND HOW HATEFUL.

Does Obama really want to wear their colors? Do we want to build an elitest autocracy that is entrenched in power by organizations like ACORN. Do we want to install a government on the people that they dont want? Are you commited to a anarchist group like ACORN, Did you really want to steal GM and Chrysler from the lawful owners and give it to Unions? Are you really so entrenched in socialist anti American doctrine that you want to see us a socialist nationalist country?

The country is not liberal/progressive. It is conservative/centrist. Right now the conservatives and centrists are under represented because they elected Obama. But still the conservatives have exercized power on the town halls without adequate represetation.

We have had lousy governance from both sides of the political spectrum. The conservatives and centrists will now backlash by throwing out dome libs. Hopefully the worse of the elitest lib/progressives will go.


Maybe now Obama can get it. If he tries to be truly who those who elected him hoped he would be, if he throws aside the move ons and special interests and serves the people he could be the greatest president ever in our history. I believe the president is an actor. He is playing a role. Now it is about incentives. If he is incentivised to be the best, most loved president in American history he can shed this first six months of empowering Pelosi, Franks, Reid and Dodd. A real effort to do the right thing could be a game changer.

Build America
, make provisions and efforts for plentiful and cheap energy, natural gas and Nuclear for next 20 years should be good enough for greenies. Reducing cost of energy will fuel an economic recovery. Make sure whatever Oil we do use is produced here. If we cap oil use but produce it here such as in Ca and Fl those states will become solvent. Remember when libs said we were lying about China and Russia drilling 40 miles off our shores, well now it's happening.

Real economic recovery can be had by building zones like Du Bai has with taxes and assistance to developement. It would be fun to see businesses returning to USA.

You'll do a lot better at re-distributing wealth if there is a lot of it.


Instead of being Pelosi's and Franks and Dodd's and Reids foolish puppet.

As I wrote this I becane more and more dishearted, Obama I fear is really the worst of the lot, he isnt a pawn of Pelosi, Franks, Reid and Dodd he is the ringleader, the real SOCIALIST leader.

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