Saturday, August 15, 2009

WOW got to admit Colorado townhall was a win for Obama

WOW got to admit Colorado townhall was a win for Obama, he did vey well didnt trash any Doctors or insult any citizens. For the first time in a long time I was proud of my president.
Whoever preped him for this meeting,keephim and dump the other advisors.

Just spent an hour and a half trashing insurance companies. Well who loves insurance companies anyway?

OF course the public option company that Obama made sound so good will pay ACORN to be insurance agents, and of course have low compensation like Fannie Mae... they got $90,000,000 in bonuses after cooking the books NO? So why would you worry about ...a little public option company to keep the insurance companies honest?

We'll just let Barney franks supervise it, that will make it GOOOD.

"An editorial in The Wall Street Journal called it a "paltry settlement" which allowed Raines and the other two executives to "keep the bulk of their riches." In 2003 alone, Raines's compensation was over $20 million. "

Obama I have to admit had a great town hall, even I could believe in him for that hour and a half... except I dont see the Uniteds and Humanas as EVIL., unfortunately this wont be the best of Obama when we are done, it will be the worse of Franks, Reid, Pelosi and Pelosi, which somehow seems dangerous for the American people.

Obama seemed to accept the public option had some reasonal objections. OBAMA DROP THE PUBLIC OPTION and you will get more support. BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD ARE NON-profit work with them

If Obama steps away from the Public option he can get some universal support.

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