Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trash Talking President

I grew up in Chicago, in Chicago neighbohoods they are very prideful of talking "trash" as they call it. Obama has lived in an environment where they applaud anything TRASHY you say. So that's what we have a trash talking president.

Thats where you get "I'll Clean up their mess, butI don't have to listen to them while I do it" that's talking trash and people applauded their president talking trash, it may seem cute for a while, but you WILL get tired of it.

I heard enough of it years ago, so I am already weary of it. Its like shifting we dont like Canadas health care to "I dont know why they dont like Canadians, they think you are the boogy man", that's talking trash, ask Reverend Wright or professor (Your Momma) Gates, they'll explain it to you.

Talking Trash Web Site

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