Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tort Reform

The BS congressmen want to say its 1-4% like thats an acceptable range and answer, well 4% of trillions becomes significanr.


Are we considering the total bill for liability insurance

1) Ambulances and paramedics
2) Hospitals, clinics
3) Doctors
4) Nurses
5) Drugstores
6) Pharmacists
5) Drug Companies
6) Equipment manufacturers
7) Medical suppliers, oxigen etc.
8) Rehab centers
9) Hospits
10) Senior care homes
11) In-home care

I doubt if anything I've seen covers the whole cost, Ive read reports and they are very vague, but what imbecile thinks mal-practice insurance is the only issue with health-care tort reform?

Tort reform should include generous limits but not atrocious amounts, and lawyers fees and limits should be limited in all areas of public interest where the public ends up footing the bill, such as police negligence. Why should the attourney "partner" with the vistim? If he takes case without fee unless settlement a reasonable bonus can be applied.

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