Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GIBBS another arrogant lie

GIBBS: the insurers spend time ''cherry picking'' ?
We could save all the salaries spent Cherry Picking.

NOW GIBBS is trash talking.

Most policies are in groups like at work, they have a 60-90 day window where they accept anyone previous conditions and all. This happens with each new contract and new employees.

So if you get insurance at work through a group plan there is no Cherry Picking.

It's not what I think, it is what happens in 80% of Insurance in USA (which is bought by your employer). Now your groups experience may effect the groups costs the next contract but that gets spread across the group, not to the individual who is sick.

Gibbs is lying.

If you go for an individual policy how can they insure someone who already needs a million in treatments? most of these people have tried to scam the system and lost. Would you insure a house that already burned down?

Unfortunately it is a business. We need a high risk pool for people who have mismanaged their health insurance or couldnt afford coverage.

"If nothing else we can save all the salaries the insurers spend ''cherry picking'' applications."

Now there are a lot of people who probably object to my characterizing Obama as a trash Talker.

Well here is Gibbs, ...clearly adopting Obama style of trash talk. Nothing true, nothing thoughtful, just a populist slanted bumper sticker.

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