Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama decieves you every time he speaks

Obama decieves you every minute, relentless lies, LIES LIES
But you cant say the man lies, so his followers live in a world of fiction.

Must be a new Dem strategy, if the pres lies they'll believe it.

This is a lie Obama and Pelosi and the whole crew repeat. "Insurance companies make record profits" and if you listen to your lying president it's because they pull the plug on patirnts. break their contract? I think not.

"The truth is that health insurance is one of the least profitable industries in America. In fact, according to Fortune magazine, such companies only make 2.2 cents for every dollar of gross sales:"


29 General Merchandisers 3.2
30 Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services 3.0
31 Packaging, Containers 3.0
32 Beverages 2.9
33 Engineering, Construction 2.7... Read More
34 Health Care: Medical Facilities 2.4
35 Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care 2.2

Top companies
1 Network and Other Communications Equipment 20.4
2 Internet Services and Retailing 19.4
3 Pharmaceuticals 19.3 (Obama buddies)
4 Medical Products and Equipment 16.3... General elect Obama Buddy

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