Sunday, September 13, 2009

The press itself has become the divisive element in our society.

It is left to the new media to present anything resembling the news. That leaves conservative being THRUST into the laps of Rush and Glenn (I am fan of both). FOX reports Acorn brothel story and the Media finds it an annoyance because it interrupted their script for the week. CNN wavered between accusing the reporters of criminal activity and staging pseudo investigative stories that came close to representing THEIR employee as the investigator. I don' know what percentage of ACORN has conducted criminal activity but certainly ANY CRIMINAL activity by a major partner in the CENSUS would be news. BUT NOT TO MAINSTREAM. Bill Moyer represents Van Jones as a poor Black Guy that called republicans a naughty name and was fired by it, not mentioning Van Jones VERY RACIST orientation and his avowed communism OR his support of BUSH planned the 911 attack.

The press itself has become the divisive element in our society.

The left has an extraordinary capacity for lying, it boggles the mind. Only the MOST uninformed would read Bill Moyer and not puke when he says Obama fired Van Jones just because he called Republicans A**Holes. Then he revs up to say they need a tougher Obama, like the other black guy Mohammad Ali. Jesus how racist can you get? Bill.

Well elections matter and 2010 and 2012 will define our future. If Obama loses in 2012 they left will drown our country in racist propaganda. totally forgeting we did elect Obama after all.

People like Moyer are sick. Much more so than Glen or Rush... But until the Mainstream reports farly these fringe radicals will draw a ton of viewers. IT IS A SAD TRUTH YOU CANT GET THE NEWS from NYTimes, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and other

I was blogging on White House Face Book and made a comment about getting the Illegals to move back home by getting ACORN to open crack houses and Brothels with 13 adolescent girls from El Salvador in the Mexican neighborhoods, or amputating their feet needlessly or threatening to pull their kids tonsils.

A nice lady trashed me for being vulgar and needlessly obscene because children might read the White House blog.

I replied with a relatively mild come back because JEEZE I really don't want to corrupt the kids.

Apparently she did some research and found out about Steve O'Keef and Hannah Giles sting of ACORN.

She actually EMAILED me to my Face Book later to apologize, apparently she, even tho she was motivated enough to be blogging on the White House Face Book hadn't heard ANYTHING about ACORN and thought I was just jizzing up some fornication humor.

Now I don't know why it is better for the kids if it is REALLY TRUE, but it seemed to make a difference to her.

This has brought certain things to mind. This decent liberal gal wasnt exposed to the truth 3 days later. She had to learn it by accident from me. When she knew it she actually did a very civil reasonalble thing and apologized to a rabid conservative.

Now I supposed that the Main Stream Media is at least somewhat to blame. If this lady had been exposed to the truth she wouldn't have gotten all upset at my bizarre sexual comments and we could have avoided one lib/cons conflict.

I then wondered how many conflicts there would really be left if the media was reporting honestly

TIMES REPORTED FIRING ACORN FROM CENSUS and didnt mention SEX SCANDAL till bottom of 2nd page, hoping no one world read that far.

Bill Moyers reported Van Jones was fired because he called republicans A**holes, and Obama should be tougher like the other blcak guy ALI. He didn't say Mohamed Ali because Barack Hussien Obama and Mohhamid Ali would just be too mush Islam in one sentence.

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