Sunday, September 13, 2009

ACORN: Because this is the HOOD and thats the way it is.

You need to have grown up in a big city ethnic HOOD background to get it.

One day the prostitutes show up on the corner, they were chased off from somewhere else, but the cops let them float around. Once a neighborhood has complained enough the cops may shag them somewhere else for a while.

They stop your car and ask "Honey are you a cop" (the cops are not allowed to lie) then "Honey want a date?" Mostly they wont mess with you because the CORNER needs a relatively good reputation else business goes down hill.

Now these gals run from raunchy middle aged to unbelievably hot youngsters. And at midnight in car lights the in between even look gorgeous.

So this goes on your street corner every night. You don't pay or play but you see it. You talk to your brothers and sisters about it. Did you see that white gal with the silver jumpsuit, or the six foot tall black one. Was she a man?

Now understand that prostitution is an integrated business, you need all styles and shapes and colors to run a good corner. And probably all 4 or 5 genders you can come up with.

So these ACORN ladies are snoozing, every once in a while the six kids they are baby sitting cry and wake them up. So in walks Hannah (Tingle) and pimp and they start this Prostitute sting. The big lady nods her heads and looks SO WISE. She know all about it, after all they do that on her corner.

Now she don't really KNOW all about it but she wants to be IMPORTANT... cause reality if she knew all about it she wouldn't be sitting in that shit office working for ACORN....

The point, finally, is if you are thoroughly acclimated to that environment it is an easy leap to this kind of discussion.

These gals probably never set up a brothel in there life. And if they had they would turn you into the local pimp and have him take CARE of you.

They probably do have family, acquaintances etc in the BUSINESS

Because this is the HOOD and that's the way it is.

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