Saturday, September 5, 2009

We need some common sense and technology

I am diabetic.

I already have a blood tester that is computerized and can be loaded into my computer.
I have a WII (wee) fit that can weigh me and store in computer. I have a blood pressure device that has a LED screen so it is already computerized.

For less than the combined price of these gadgets we could have a home monitoring system that would work for the whole family, maybe trow in a couple of extra tests like oxygen level.

A simple computer program could interface all of this into a internet database accessible by your doctor. When he wants additional tests he can order and schedule them.

My Doctor sees me 4-6 times a year to monitor my condition. I think 2 times a year would work and a 5 minute review another 2 times a year of the computerized data on line. He could email me the comments. I don't think there would be any lowering of quality of care. His reviews could happen 6-7am or any time of his convenience so he has a much more flexible schedule.

The president has it totally wrong it isn't the major operations that are wasting money it is all the preventative medicine already practiced that brings patience to the doctors office 6 times a year to weigh in take blood pressure and TALK.

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