Saturday, September 5, 2009

seeing my doctor every 3 months is a waist of time and money

I am diabetic, I would venture to say seeing my doctor every 3 months is a waist of time and money. I have a computerized blood tester that can be loaded to my PC. Emailing this and blood pressure tests to my doctor would be just as good as the appo...intment. He could email back. Appointments could be cut to every six months. He could even post a net cam review online which I could access and actually get a video of his review.

These kind of reforms cost nobody anything in quality of care and reduce health care costs significantly. Why dont we get politicians out of reform and get Information Technology and other creative people into it. People who could help, not just figure out how to promote a socialist agenda.

Other doctor visits could be done with teleconferencing as long as data was available to doctor. Patient could go to lab for tests, then schedule teleconferencing with doctor. While this dosnt save a lot of doctors time, it could eliminate waiting and save gas.

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