Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rev Manning

It is amazing that Oberman, Dowd and Jimmy Carter and these types are so radical that they would rather see riots in the streets than acknowledge legitimate descent.

Too bad hate crimes isnt a democratic principle.

Its now time for the Black people to speak up for a country that just elected a black President and has bent over backwards to establish a legit opportunity for all citizens.

Yet 70% black children are born without a acknowledged father.
1.2 million blacks (36 million 2002 census 4% of their population) are in prison.
75% blacks graduate High School illiterate in big cities

We know that blacks have the ability to excel, sports, entertainment, business. So how do you define the problem? I define the problem as leaders like Obama, Wright, Jesse Jackson who rather empower themselves on the back of the black population. All 3 of these leaders have Million Dollar plus homes.

Black leaders don't improve their constituents because a successful integrated black population would deprive them of their power base. They are the new MASTERS.

And the left needs the enslavement of blacks intellectually without their 90% democratic vote the democratic party would be reduced to a distant rival.

You cant get 90% of any well educated group of people to agree on anything, thus the democrats and Obama haver no real eagerness to educate blacks. Thats why the 100million Obama passed out in Chicago as part of the Annenberg foundation didnt educate anyone.

We need some real black leaders who will want to PUSH their constituents not steal from them and LEAD them.

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